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DeAngelo Williams Trading Locks For Braided Pony

DeAngelo Williams With Long Flowing Locks

DeAngelo Williams Trading Dreadlocks For Braided Pony

Famous for his flowing dreadlocks, Carolina Panthers tackle DeAngelo Williams has decided his hair is his Achilles heel.  He told the Charlotte Observer that his hair has made him an easy tackle target.   And he's had enough of the hair hassles.

Williams told the Charlotte Observer he'll keep his hair in a braided ponytail for the team's upcoming game against the Houston Texans.  Enough is enough and twice this year Williams has been yanked down and dragged by his locks.  Unfortunately for Williams, using his hair as a means to tackle him is perfectly legal in the NFL.

Although it makes sense that Williams won't cut his locks, it seems like going with a braided ponytail won't minimize the tackling all that much unless he tucks the ponytail into his helmet to keep it out of the way of potential opponents.

I can only imagine how painful it was to have his hair constantly being tugged, pulled and yanked by those big strong football players who tend to have a pretty strong grip.  Having my own hair accidentally pulled or tugged hurts like the dickens.  Can you only imagine having it deliberately targeted?  No thanks.

Ironically DeAngelo Williams is just one of a number of NFL players who showcase long flowing locks which extend from underneath their helmets.  It's become very fashionable to have long locks and being a pro football player.  Unless of course it makes you a regular target for easy tackle.

What do you think?  Should Williams go ahead and cut his locks or try to detract with a tightly braided pony that is tucked out of the way?

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