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Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Hair Dye For Grey Hair

Although more people, men and women, are flaunting their grey hair, the majority of people still desire to cover their grey hair with dye or similar products.  Grey hair is similar in texture and coarseness to silver and white hair colors.  It is famous for being resistant when it's dyed.

Grey, white and silver hair basically has no pigment.  As a result, grey hair has a very coarse texture which is tough.

Consequently it's difficult to apply dye to some types of grey hair.  One of the biggest challenges of dying grey hair is getting the color to take and last for an extended amount of time.

There's a lot of opinions about whether or not the best practice for dying grey hair is to pre-treat it first.

Some professional colorists believe you should pre-treat grey hair to pop open the resistant cuticles and ensure that the dye covers all the target areas most effectively.

As the ratio of grey to natural hair color shifts and becomes the majority, the challenge to dye increases.   

Gray Hair Touch Up

Hair Dye Rules For Grey Hair

Listed below are the key factors to consider when choosing and applying hair dye for grey hair:

If you have only a little grey opt for a few highlights to blend them away.  If your hair is naturally dark, consider lightening up two shades to minimize their appearance.

- If you've never touched up your greys before, ask your hairstylist for getting started advice.

Although your stylist may try to encourage you to let them color your hair, if budget is an issue, explain your reasons for wanting to do it at-home and ask for dye and related product advice.

- Not all professional or consumer hair dye formulas work the same on all types, textures and conditions of hair.

Some gray hair types and texture will be more resistant than others.

Gray Hair Color Touchup

While you can take grey hair dye product recommendations from friends and family, ultimately you will have to find the hair dye which works best for you and your grey hair needs.

- Shades count

Whether you go to a professional or do your grey dye at home always start by evaluating your skin and eye tones with your current hair color to determine the best dye to use for grey coverage.

- When coloring at home use dye advertised to provide 100% grey coverage

If you decide to dye at home select dye formulas specifically advertised on the box to provide 100% coverage of grey hair.

L'Oreal's Excellence Creme or Superior Preference are both designed to provide full and complete grey coverage.  L'Oreal Excellence To Go root touch-ups can provide quick and temporary grey coverage.

- Start hair color application at regrowth line

L'Oreal Creme Dye For Coloring Grey

Begin hair dye application at regrowth lines and use a dye brush for more even application.  Apply dye in no larger than 1/4 inch sections. Blend through, coloring to line of demarcation. Process for 30 minutes.

- Do not apply color over previously colored hair

Do not apply color over previously colored hair.  Near the end of the color process draw the color through to the ends.  Process for an additional 10-15 minutes.  Total processing time should equal approximately 45 minutes.

- Use the proper developer when lightening before coloring

In most cases the best developer will be 20-volume.  If you use an off-the-shelf kit the developer will be included.  If you use a permanent color a developer will not normally be required.

- Semi-perm dyes may not cover resistant greys

L'Oreal Hair Color Dye

Permanent dyes advertised as formulated to completely cover grey are the best option.  Semi-perm dyes may not cover grey hair.

Any formula which contains less than 20 volume peroxide may blend grey but it may not completely cover it.

Other Grey Hair Dying Tips

When coloring grey hair make sure you follow the recommended processing time.  While it's okay to leave the color on longer, it's not okay to cut the suggested time.

Resistant grey strands

Extremely resistant hair can be hit with heat after the dye has been applied (apply a plastic cap) to open the cuticle and help the dye penetrate deeply and evenly.

If grey hair doesn't take the color well make sure not to process in a cool or drafty area.

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