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Nicole Kidman's Hair Going Gray?

Nicole Kidman has had a lot on her plate over the past few years.  She married Country superstar Keith Urban, had to deal with his various addictions right after their marriage and gave birth to a new baby, Sunday Rose, at the age of 41, a few months ago.

Squeezed into all the personal activity the red haired actress was working with super hunk Hugh Jackman on the epic film Australia along with a few other acting projects.

Over the past month Nicole has made some red carpet appearances where there were noticeable white or gray roots showing along her part off her face and around the perimeter of her hair and noticeably along the temples.

The white roots were definitely noticeable when Nicole appeared on the red carpet in October for  ELLE Magazine's 15 Annual Women In Hollywood Tribute.

They were also in easy view when she and Hugh Jackman made the New York scene for the Australia premiere.  Depending on which hair expert you talk to, Nicole's newly grown streaks or either gray or white.

Of course there is nothing wrong with going grey or allowing streaks to stand out against the rest of your hair, but with Nicole is triggers a variety of questions.

1.  Are the newly visible gray/white roots an oversight or a new symbol of transformation from movie goddess to new mom?

2.  Does she plan to allow all of her hair to eventually turn to a more mature gray/white base?

3.  Is the new gray/white hue roots part of a new acting part she is working on?

4.  Did Nicole opt for showing off the gray/white herself or was it a suggestion from one of her many hair/beauty/make-up/stylist handlers?

5.  It Nicole just too busy with a brand new baby to schedule a hair appointment?

6.  Does Keith prefer Nicole with the new gray strands?

At this point Nicole's white/gray strands have only been present for about a month.  Only time will tell what the final outcome will be with regard to any hair transformations.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about Nicole Kidman with gray/white hair.

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