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Nicole Richie Gets A New Job

Nicole Richie has just gotten a new job to go along with the pending new baby in the family.  Nicole has just signed on for another new job as a shoe designer.

The former BFF of Paris Hilton (are they still friends or not these days?) has enjoyed success with her recently line of accessories.  The adopted daughter of R&B/pop singer Lionel Richie, is best known for her role in the FOX reality television series The Simple Life, alongside fellow socialite Paris Hilton.

(Image of Sony Cierge and Richie-Madden Foundation UNICEF Benefit - 03-23-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

It was recently announced by the media Nicole and the manufacturers of Modern Vintage shoes (and Earnest Swen jeans) have partnered to create a line of 20 shoe styles designed by the hard working shoe designer.   Who better to design shoes than Nicole?

Slated for a 2010 launch, Nicole is said to have creative control during every step of the design process.

Nicole's new biz partner is Rick Cytrynbaum.  He has reported that the newly pregnant mom is "totally devoted to this, and we're creating a whole lifestyle around her aesthetic and what is true to her."

Ms. Richie joins the ranks of other celebrity shoe and fashion designers such as Jessica Simpson, Gwen Steffani and Beyonce, to name just a few of Hollywood's fashion designers.

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