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Ben Stiller - Is Gray Hair Hot Or Not?

Ben Stiller At Topic Thunder Premiere 8-11-08I was recently flipping through the October 6th issue of Star Magazine - one of my favs by the way - when I saw a Before/After shot of Ben Stiller with his hair very gray in February 2007 and then a rich brown shade in September 2008 for the premiere of Tropic Thunder.

(Image of Ben Stiller at Tropic Thunder Premiere - 8-11-08 - - all rights reserved).

While Star Magazine interviewed a stylist who gave a big thumbs down on his gray strands, I had to stop and think about it.

Historically men, as they age, are considered hot as they develop gray hair. George Clooney is considered very charming and sexy with his natural gray.

Ben Stiller With Gray StrandsAlthough George may not agree. The actor was quoted recently in the media as saying ”My hair’s too grey, much too grey! “I will have to consider dyeing it. I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately."

Seriously, men look hot as they age. Ben Stiller makes me laugh, especially in Dodgeball (my fav) but I don't think of him as sizzling hot - not in the McDreamy framework.

Now George, well that's another story. He is a gorgeous man and his gray gives him a daring edge - at least in my humble opinion. Truth be told I have a thing for football players with dreadlocks - but that's another blog for another day.

(Image of Ben Stiller with wife Christine Taylor at Los Angeles Premiere of Blades of Glory - 8-28-07 - - all rights reserved)

Ben Stiller has actually alternated between being gray and being brunette off and off for some time. Although the actor is 42, I first saw a photo of him with gray hair long before the February 2007 date mentioned in Star Magazine.

While I agree with Star that gray can be a much harsher color, it can be softened by adding dashes of colors rather than going completely to one color. If anything, I think Ben looks somewhat washed out with his hair dyed medium-brown for his Thunder premiere.

The key to having grey hair is to combine it with highlights and lowlights to add depth and dimension. It is also important to use products that add richness to the grays. These temporary color enhancers come in all types of formulas such as color enhancing shampoo and conditioners.

Celeb hairdresser Ken Paves (Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez) recently introduced color drops™ as part of his healthy hair™ line. The color drops™ come in different colors (platinum would look great with gray strands) and can be added to rinse out or leave-in conditioners to instantly enhance color.

My final words to George and Ben about their hair? Gray hair rocks. Don't mess with Mother Nature.

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