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Bradley Cooper's Hairstyle As People's Sexiest Man

Bradley Cooper Long Modified Tapered Haircut In Hangover II

Bradley Cooper's Hairstyle As People's Sexiest Man

It's no surprise Bradley Cooper, 36,  is the latest Hollywood heartthrob to be named People's sexiest man alive.

The Hangover star is tall (6'1") and drop dead gorgeous with dazzling baby blue eyes, a killer smile and sexy hair which he tends to wear longer in a casual,  modified, tapered style.  His nickname is Coop and he is of Irish and Italian descent.  He is known to be modest and devoted to his family.

Bradley Cooper's Sexy Haircut

Bradley's hair cut isn't a classic tapered cut, but is modified to work with his natural hairline and face shape.  The sides of the haircut extend between the top and the middle of the ear.

If You Want To Try Bradley's Haircut

The best way to copy Bradley's haircut is to print out some larger images of Bradley showcasing his hair from the front, back and sides and take it to your hair stylist or barber.

Bradley's hairstyle works best for guys with naturally straight or slightly wavy textures with enough base length to allow for a classic tapered cut.  This hairstyle may in some cases work for naturally curly hair as long as the curl patterns are cut so the curls can be compressed into sleek clumps.

Bradley Cooper With Long Sideburns And Layered Sides

Overall Bradley's longish haircut offers lots of flexibility and can be worn in an easy style or can be styled to look neat and finished.

How Is Bradley's Hairstyle Created

The key to Bradley's hairstyle is precision cut longer, fuller layers which are cut throughout his entire head.

Although it's always best to let your hairstylist decide the best way to duplicate a hairstyle on your own hair, it's most likely that Bradley's hairstyle was created with clipper-over-finger cutting which allows for the longer and fuller profile that the Hangover star wears.

A classic tapered haircut is usually cut with a clipper-over-comb but Bradley's cut is fuller, longer and tends to flow freely throughout the top and throughout the crown.

The hair at the nape of his neck appears to be cut to his natural hairline.  The sides which can be brushed up and over the ears or allowed to flop down look like they were cut just below the top or the middle of the ear.   His fringe is long in front to give it that soft tousled look, but not too long that it flops all the way down into his eyes.

Bradley Cooper With Long Layered Haircut

The Top Of Bradley's Haircut

The top of his hairstyle is layered, but left long enough so it will lay down or can be easily tousled.   It allows for a few strands to curve down onto his forehead or brushed completely back.

If the hair is naturally wavy or curly more length would be required to provide balance to the overall style.  The interior of his hair cut appeared to have been layered with backhand cutting.

The top of the head should be layered square off rather than following the curve of his head in order to leave enough fullness throughout the corners for that fuller and balanced look.

Bradley's sides are also layered, but connected seamlessly to the back of the head so that the entire cut flows from side to back without any lines or demarcation.  Again, there appears to be more hair throughout the corners which provides that fuller, looser and sexy look.

The perimeter of the cut is nicely detailed, but without any obvious lines.

Although they are not initially obvious Bradley has side burns which blend into his light beard.

Bradley Cooper In Hangover II

Styling How To

Although this is a longer haircut, because of all the precision layering throughout the top, sides and throughout the back, the hair can be prepped with a combination of leave-in conditioner or defrisant and a tiny bit of styling cream for a soft, frizzy free tousled result which can be air dryed.

For a more formal look a round boar brush can be used in conjunction with a blow dryer to create a smooth finish.

If you're unsure how to style the cut be sure to ask your stylist to show you and make product recommendations for your hair type and texture to be able to easily duplicate the look at home.


Bradley Cooper was just named People's sexiest man alive.  There's no doubt he deserved the title for his handsome looks, sexy hair and mesmerizing screen presence.

It also probably doesn't hurt that he's had relationships with some of Hollywood's sexiest and most beautifully coiffed women including Jennifer Espositos of TV's Blue Bloods (ex-wife), Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

Bradley seems to have a strong connection to women named Jennifer both on and off-screen.  He co-starred with Jennifer Garner on TV's Alias and he played Jennifer Conley's husband in the film "He's Just Not That Into You."

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