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Heidi Montag Should Date Jennifer Aniston

Heidi Montag has grabbed major headlines because of her recent plastic surgeries where, depending on whom you talk to, she had a near death experience.  Although Heidi, who is good at doing media spin, has said she almost died, the word on the street is that her life was never at risk.

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Heidi is also making the buzz-o-meter for the release of her new CD Superficial which she has claimed has left her broke.

According to her doctor, Dr. Ryan, Heidi had lots more than 10 surgeries.  He claims that technically speaking she had about 30 procedures.   Dr. Ryan pointed out Botox injections should be counted and breasts should be counted individually, not in a combined manner.

Regardless of the actual number of surgeries Heidi had, Dr. Ryan has expressed his opinion that Heidi isn't addicted to surgery.  Many agree and believe Heidi's comments about being addicted is just a media angle.

Perez Hilton in his book "True Bloggywood Stories" suggested that for Bradley Cooper big fame hit when he was seen with two A-list celebrity women in a short time period - Jen Aniston and Renee Zellweger.  Of course Perez notes that Bradley also had "The Hangover" movie and of course he put in his time.  Perez points out that winning major fame means you have to put in your time.  I agree with Perez on that.

But the key thing to note is that Jennifer Aniston can really help increase your fame meter overnight.   So if Heidi wants to continue to increase her fame, maybe she should try to become Jen's Bestie or even have an affair with her.  Just imagine all the drama.  Need I say more?

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