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When Your Hairstylist Gossips Inappropriately

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When Your Hairstylist Gossips Inappropriately

Finding a great hairstylist is often a major challenge.  Once you find one that does a great job with your hair, shows up on time, charges a reasonable fee and doesn't chat or text on their cell while you're in there chair, you're probably willing to overlook other annoying traits.

Sometimes though even a small annoyance can morph into a major annoyance which threatens your ability to maintain a long term relationship with your hair hero.

What to do?  Let them know what the problem is before vanishing into thin air.  One common issue which often bothers hair clients is when hairstylists gossip about their other clients, their own life or the other hairdressers in the salon.

Other clients may feel uncomfortable around the telling of dirty jokes or use of graphic language.

If you're not able to pull your stylist to the side to tell them privately and politely that their gossip, dirty jokes or unprofessional language offends you, then maybe you could send them a polite note, email or even a private Facebook message, Tweet or similar.

Sometimes hairstylists forget that their clients may be uncomfortable around some of their behaviors.  If politely advised of their client's uncomfortableness, they might very well clean up their act.

The only way to find out if you can maintain a long and loyal relationship with your hairstylist is to treat them like you might a long friend or relative.  You have to give them the benefit of the doubt and communicate your concerns.  If they work with you on your issues then you know you've found a great keeper.

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