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Do You Spill Too Much Info To Your Hairstylist?

Salon Hair Client After Rusk Hair Care Treatment

Do You Spill Too Much Info To Your Hairstylist?

Hairstylists are trained to be professionals and avoid becoming entangled in the personal lives of their clients.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule and some stylists develop a personal relationship with clients they've worked with for many years.

While most hairstylists are good at setting boundaries, sometimes they're unable to let you know that all that private information you're spilling is making them uncomfortable.

How do you know if you're spilling too much to your hairstylist?  Check out some of the obvious signs:

1. When your hairstylist greets you for your appointment they don't seem especially happy to see you or even uncomfortable.

2.  They keep changing the subject while they're working on your hair or making up excuses to leave their station while you're talking.

Client At Hair Salon

3.  Your stylist is very polite and proper, but only discusses mundane topics such as the weather, movies or sports.

4.  It appears that your stylist pushes you off to other salon assistants rather than do your hair themselves.

5.  All the other stylists in the salon appear to be giving you strange looks.

6.  Your stylist always seems to rush through your services giving the appearance they want to hurry you out of the chair.

7. When you leave the salon you're not encouraged to pre-book your next appointment.

8.  Your stylist seems relieved that you are leaving.

9.  When you try to book appointments your stylist seems to be always booked, but your friends have no problems getting an appointment.

10.  Ultimately your stylist tells you that it would be best for you to find another hair professional to provide your services.

Hair Client

By the time you've made it to #10 on the list you may not be able to save the relationship with your stylist.

If you start to notice your hairstylist acting uncomfortable or unwilling to book appointments you may need to take a serious look at what information you've been sharing with your stylist.

Do you tell them inappropriate jokes?  Do you share malicious or negative gossip?  Have you asked for inappropriate advice regarding a sexual or other romantic relationship.

Have you talked about an illicit affair or something that might upset your stylist?

If you love the work your hairstylist does on your hair you may wish to tell them you sense their discomfort and apologize for any inappropriate conversations you've shared.  Your hairstylist may or may not be willing to accept your apology.

Only you will be able to determine if the relationship can be saved.  It may be best to start over with a new hairstylist.  But if you do, remember that loose lips can sink any professional relationship with a hairstylist.

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