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Hair Extensions For Back To School

Hair extensions are often used to make a great impression.  And what would make a better back-to-school impression than a great head of hair?

Even better, hair extensions have become so advanced that even synthetic ones look like the human versions.  Many of the hair extension companies have introduced heat defiant (HD) fibers.

As an example, easihair's new heat defiant collection of clip-in extensions (available at can be blow dried, hot ironed, crimped or hot curled just like natural human hair.

The easihair clip-in extensions offer face-framing layers and volumizing pieces  which blend in seamlessly to create long and luscious thick locks with just a few snaps of the fingers.  Even better, the easihair clip-in extensions have a no-rise, smooth, skin base.

Another advantage to the easihair hair extensions is that the HD fibers look and act like human hair, but at a greatly reduced price.

When it comes to selecting hair extensions either for back to school or some other important event, choosing the right type of hair and attachment technique is extremely important.

As you make your decision keep in mind your current hair type, texture, length and current condition.  You should also evaluate your skin type, overall extension goals and your budget.

Listed below are some of the key hair extension options.

Types of Hair Fibers Available With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, whether temporary clip-ins or semi-permanent fusion extensions are available in the following fibers:

1.  Traditional synthetic

2.  Synthetic with heat defiant or similar heat resistent fibers

3.  100% human hair

4.  Mixed fibers which might consist of some human hair mixed with synthetic fibers either heat resistant or not

Advantages And Disadvantages

The advantage of 100% human hair is that it can be maintained as you would your own hair and often comes in a much wider range of colors. The disadvantage is the cost which can be quite high depending upon the hair's origins.

The advantage to synthetic hair with heat resistant fibers is that it can be treated much like human hair, it costs less and it is available in more colors than traditional synthetic or mixed hair.

Human Hair Origins

If you opt for 100% human hair keep in mind that the cost is directly related to the origins of the hair which can come from:

1.  European hair (including Indian) - usually the most expensive but, premium quality

2.  Asian hair - less expensive, but coarse texture

3.  Other origins - hair from Central or South America which may be classified as European or not

Synthetic hair has an unlimited supply, making it cheaper and more accessible. Regrettably, it will not match your hair perfectly and may also have a slightly unnatural wave. Still, this is a great option for anyone wanting to adjust their look without paying a fortune.

Types Of Attachment Options

There are three basic hair extension application techniques utilized:

1.  Clip-on hair extensions either partial or full caps or via sections

2.  Strand by strand extensions attached through a variety of methods

3.  Weft extensions applied with hot or cold adhesive, tape, tubes, beads, or sewn into braids

Clip-on Hair Extensions

Clip-on extensions can easily be applied or removed in a matter of minutes.  Usually clip-ons can be applied by the person wearing the extensions with a little practice.  Clip-on extensions require enough hair length to hold the clips and the weight of the hair.  Clip-on extensions come in a wide range of lengths, thicknesses and textures.  There are also clips of varying types, lengths and widths.

You can get clip-ins which range from stick straight to naturally curly.  Depending on whether you are getting synthetic, human hair or a mixture, the texture may be permanently baked in.

Clip-on hair extensions can not be left in overnight or during sleep and are often a great way to try 0ut extensions when considering a more permanent option down the road.   Clip-ons offer the option to instantly glam up your regular hair style for a special occasion such as making a great impression when you return to school.

Unless 100% human hair clip-ons are chosen, clip-ons are generally less expensive than weft or strand-by-strand extensions.  Also, when cared for properly, clip-ons can last a very long time.

Strand By Strand Extensions

Strand by strand extension methods create a very natural look.  They can be applied through traditional hot or cold adhesives, beads, tubes or sewn into pre-braided tracks.  The advantage to the strand by strand method is that a wide range of strands can be applied to create a slightly extended or a complete extended look.

Depending upon the type of hair used in the strands the hair can last from a few weeks up to a few months.

Weft Extensions

Traditionally weft extensions, which work best with naturally thick or coarse hair, require that sections of the natural hair are braided tightly to the scalp in uniform rows.  Wefts which are connected sections of hair are then applied to one row of tract at a time.

The wefts are traditionally sewn into the tracts, but other attachment methods can be utilized.  One advantage to weft extensions is that no chemicals are required and the hair can usually be tightened and reused for a longer period of time.  Wefts can also be directly to the scalp without first adding braided tracts by means of double sided toupee style tape.

The advantage to either sewn-in or taped wefts is that the wefts can be ordered to match individual hair colors and textures.  If 100% human hair is utilized, it can often be dyed for a perfect match.

The disadvantage to weft extensions is that the wefts can be heavy and put a lot of tension of the scalp.  They can also be uncomfortable to wear.  They also are not ideal for thin or fine hair since the tracks may leave an obvious bulge.

When a weft is done properly with the highest quality of hair, they can last anywhere from 3 months up to 6 months or longer.


Besides many types of extension attachment options and hair types, you can choose from working with a professional or doing the extensions yourself.  Depending upon the complexity of the extension system you select, you may wish to work with a professional.

When hair extensions are properly selected based upon your natural hair type, texture and condition, they can either go on seamlessly or there can be a risk of damage.

The reality is that all of these are good methods to choose from, but it really comes down to your desired look and hair type. One thing is certain though, utilizing an inappropriate method could potentially do serious and even long time damage to your natural tresses.

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