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Andre Braugher On Men Of A Certain Age

Andre Braugher On Men Of A Certain Age

Actor Andre Braugher played the compelling Owen for the past two seasons of Men Of A Certain Age on TNT.  Sadly, TNT just announced the show has not been picked up for a third season which is disappointing.

As a fan of the show, I have to confess that Owen was my favorite character and Andre Braugher was spectacular in the role.  The show seemed very true-to-life and dealt with a lot of issues that you might not see on other shows - reality or otherwise.

Andre Braugher poured his heart and soul into his portrayal of Owen who was driven to do the very best as a provider for his devoted wife and three small kids.

His job, as a car salesman is one of the most difficult.  Even more compelling, he was working for his father who proven to be narcissist, difficult, non-supportive and overly demanding.  When Owen stepped up to take over his father's dealership he was shocked to discover all the hidden financial landmines his dad had left behind.

Owen faced insurmountable odds, but he hung in there and worked hard to turn everything around.  Of course his father was not happy to see his son actually stepping up and showing his metal.  As a result his dad, whom Own called Daddy, did everything he could to undermine his son even going behind his back to try and sell the dealership right out from under him.

Men of A Certain Age could be difficult to watch at times because it was so real and raw.  Watching Owen learning to assert authority over the other car salesmen and overcome his father's hesitance to relinquish full control was a fascinating experience.

Hairstyle And Fashions

I also enjoyed the way Owen was portrayed from his hairstyle to his clothing.  His hair was worn very short but it still allowed his hard earned gray to show.

His hair fit his role as a stressed out son and new boss with a wife re-entering the work force and bringing all her own pressures to the mix.  He dressed well in suits that were appropriate for a new car dealership.

While it's bad news that TNT chose to cancel Men Of A Certain Age.  The good news is that Andre Braugher was nominated for his second drama actor Emmy for his work on Owen and the show.  If only I could vote.

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