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Oprah's Hairstylist - Andre Walker Dishes About Oprah's Hair

Oprah’s longtime hairstylist Andre Walker opens up to O, The Oprah Magazine in the April issue (on newsstands now)!

Oprah credits Andre for helping her keep her real hair for 24 years. "In the summer, I braid my hair. I wear weaves. I've worn weaves on the show. I've worn weaves on the magazine covers," she says. "I have done pretty much all of it because in order to keep your hair, you can't put heat in your hair every day."

Additionally, check out for a photo gallery of Oprah’s hairstyles through the years…(Click on link)

(Image of Oprah Winfrey - 1992 - - All Rights Reserved)

It all started with a bold move…

“I’m dying to get my hands in your hair.” That’s the note stylist Andre Walker sent Oprah in 1985, after seeing her on the talk show AM Chicago. “Back then it was just Oprah, one publicist, and one producer,” recalls Walker, who at the time owned a Chicago salon.

Andre’s three tips for beautiful hair:

“Condition. Condition. Condition. Whether you think you need it or not, use a conditioner every time you shampoo, and slather on a thick hair mask once a week (I just launched a Keratin Mask and Treatment Pak that you can leave on in the shower for five minutes). Restoring moisture to the hair is really important to help repair dry ends and add shine.”

Andre on what NEVER to do:

“I don’t believe you can do two chemical treatments at once and still have healthy hair. If I’m putting a relaxer in her hair, I don’t do color. And if I’m doing color, no relaxer. Because heat is also very damaging, I try not to use blow dryers or irons on Oprah’s hair more than three times a week. Lately I’ve been doing ponytails to stretch the time between blow dries. With a little height on top, a pony can look very polished.”

(Image of Oprah Winfrey in 2009 wearing her own hair - - All Rights Reserved)

Favorite Oprah Hairstyle:

“I’m happiest with the ones that she’s been happiest with. For her 50th birthday, we did a short, choppy look with a bit of a flip. She often looks back and says, ‘I really love that hairstyle.’ Of course, she also reminds me of the styles that weren’t so great. But in my defense: It was the ’80s!”

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