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Hair Product Secrets: Hairspray Your Fresh Cut Flowers

Hair Product Secrets:  Hairspray Your Fresh Cut Flowers

Hair products often have helpful secrets.  Did you know that you can use hairspray for your fresh cut flowers?

Fresh cut flowers are such a wonderful treat.   Who doesn't want to extend their beautiful lives as long as possible?

Did you know hairspray can actually help them last longer?

Follow the tips below to help your fresh flowers last as long as possible and make use of a popular hair product secret:

1.  Trim The Bottoms

When fresh flowers first arrive trim the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle to help each flower soak up water more efficiently. Remove any leaves in the water to keep them from dying in the water and affecting the flowers.

2.  Add Aspirins

Add two regular aspirins to the water in the vase containing the flowers to destroy any bacteria that is present and might attack your fresh blossoms ending their life earlier than necessary.

3.  Spritz With Hairspray

Give the petals staying power by spraying the underside of the petals and leaves with a light spritz of hairspray.  This will prevent the petals and leaves from falling off faster than possible.

4.  Keep Away From Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit allowed to ripen in a bowl give off ethylene gas.  This gas will actually make fresh flowers wilt much faster than normal.    Keep your fresh flowers away from your fresh fruit.

5.  Always Use A Clean Vase

Make sure whatever vase you use for your fresh flowers is clean and sterilized.  When fresh flowers are placed in a vase they often have bacteria.  If you don't rinse and clean your favorite vase before adding new flowers there might still be bacteria in the vase that could speed up the demise of your latest bunch of blooms.

6.  Use Cool Water

Just like hair, flowers become dehydrated in warmer temperatures.  Always fill your vase with cool water which keeps stems from becoming dehydrated and wilting.  This prevents flowers from drooping faster than necessary.

7.  Keep Flowers Away From Sunlight

Display your fresh cut flowers away from windows or doors which are flooded with sunlight.  Hot sunlight can cause flowers to wilt much faster than normal.

8.  Store Flowers Away From Heat Vents

Keep flowers away from heat vents which might blow directly onto your fresh blooms.  Air conditioning vents might also blow too much air on fresh flowers.  When possible, keep hair away from any type of direct air flow.

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