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Myleene Klass' Curly Hair Gone Crazy

Myleene Klass' Curly Hair Gone Crazy

Myleene Klass is an English singer and model, to name a few of her talents.  She normally wears her raven black tresses either sleek and bone straight or with carefully created soft curls threaded throughout the perimeter of her below-the-shoulder tresses.

Part Filipina and part Anglo-Austrian, the member of the defunct British pop band Hear'Say appears on the popular ITV reality TV show Popstars.  The show offers contestants an opportunity to become part of a newly formed pop band.  Myeene (born 6 April 1978) auditioned for Popstars in 2001 and was chosen as one of the top 10 finalists.

(Image of Myleene Klass - June 2011 - ITV - A Rights Reserved)

Myleene made a splash on the show recently when she stepped out in a mass of Donna Summer-style crazy big curly hair which she tweeted about. Her tweet said  'Gold Lamé dress. Check. Donna Summer hair. Check. Let's go!'

Earlier in the day Myleene tweeted a photo of herself in tight ringlets and questioned whether she wanted to go with big curls or not.

She tweeted 'Just let your 'Soul glow'. I've been promised this will be brushed out in time for tonight!'  Although her big crazy brunette curls worked well with her disco-style gold maxi dress, her curls were not really new. 

Big Curls In January Of 2010

Back in January of 2010 Myleene wore almost exactly the same big curly hairdo on Popstar to Operastar.  Indeed, she even rocked the same center part.  Again it was a  drastic change from her usual sleek look. Myleene opted for a voluminous curly do in honor of judge Rolando Villazon.

Creating Myleene's Curls

Obviously Myleene doesn't have naturally curly hair so her new ringlets were most likely created with hot rollers or one or more curling irons and then teased into the crazy wild curls.

Myleene's hair appears to have lots of natural bend and movement so it's not unusual that her hair took the curls so well.   Instead of brushing the curls out, they were backcombed into a big Afro style.

The presenter, fashion designer, classical music DJ and media personality is right in step with the big retro movement for big hair.  It looked great on her.  Hopefully Myleene will rock big curly hair again soon.

(Image of Myleen Klass with curly hair in January of 2010 - ITV - All Rights Reserved)

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