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Summer Hairstyles That Rule

When you're hot and sticky from spending a day at the beach the last thing you want to do is head for a hot shower and time with your hot hair tools.  Instead, opt for cute hairstyles which are easy yet chic.

What hairstyles rule for summer?  Check out some of the options below:

1.  Ponytails Reign

During the hot days of summer, there's no question that the ponytail will reign.  It keeps hot and heavy hair off your neck, shows off your beautiful accessories such as earrings or necklace and is flirty to boot.

If you're bored with the same old pony then amp it up.  Add a little sass by pumping up fullness at the crown to create an interesting profile.  Update your pony in other ways such as adding a cute ponytail wrap or crystal encrusted cuff.  If you're feeling creative add a single braid along the hairline.

Ponytails can work on every type, texture and most hair lengths from thin and fine to thick and bone straight to naturally curly.

2.  Braids Are Beautiful

And speaking of braids.  They're another go-to hairstyle for hot sticky months.  Braids can be worn off to one side, slung low at the nape area or added to an existing pony.  There are no rules when it comes to braids.  Play with a French braid or traditional 3-strand braid.  Anyone with hair long enough to braid can look cool as a cucumber with a plait.

3.  Let Your Waves Flow

If you love to wear your hair down and show off your waves, you can create one or more braids in your damp, newly cleansed hair and allow them to air dry.  It will keep your hair off your face and neck while allowing you to skip a session with your hot blower dryer and irons.  After your hair is completely air dried undo your tresses and allow all the natural waves to flow, courtesy of those wet braids.

4.  Wet Buns

After a day in the pool or at the beach step into a cool shower to remove any salt, sand or other environmental hair toxins.  Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, detangle with your fingers and then towel blot.  Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, defrisant or similar and then wrap your hair into a high or low bun. Viola, you're ready to go.  Wet buns are perfectly acceptable to wear out in Summer.

If your hair isn't long enough for a wet bun consider using a wide tooth comb and directing all your strands off your face to air dry.  Or use your favorite hair dryer but on a cool or cold setting.

5.  Hair Accesssories Rock

Hair accessories always save the day.  Regardless of the condition of your hair, if you want to create a chic pony, sassy braid or let your waves flow you can instantly glam up your hair with headbands, hair clips, hair flowers or similar.  For a sophisticated summer do  brush all the hair off the face, secure a cute head band along the top front of the head, and then pump up the volume behind the headband.

6.  Cute Curls

If your hair is chin or shoulder length and naturally curly you can have instantly beachy curls and waves.  Simply follow your standard curly hair care cleansing routine such as low poo, no poo, diluted shampoo (DS), conditioner only (CO) or water only.  Towel blot with a curl friendly towel.  Apply favorite curl enhancing creams and defristants or other styling products.

Use fingers to wrap curls into desired pattern.  Pin against the scalp and allow hair to air dry.  Unpin and let those gorgeous curls flow.

Curls are cute all year long but looks fantastic bouncing and shimmering in the sun.  Especially when you have protected your scalp, hairline, ears and hair with the appropriate sun screen products.

7.  Short Sass

For some, short hair is a great way to survive summer heat.  This summer the pixie and short bobs will be hot.  Short hair can be easier to maintain during the summer months but to keep it looking sassy and chic be sure to keep up with your regular trims and cuts to keep your style looking immaculate.

8.  Glam Twists

Messy updos are always glam.  Summer is a great time to play with a variety of twists and updos to give your hair a rest from the heat.

Play with a variety of chignon or bun styles for your hair type, texture, length and condition.  To really add a glam finish add a clip-in flower or shimmering clip or barrette.

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