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Is Hair Tinsel Appropriate To Wear To Work?

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on NBC's The Today Show recently discuss hair tinsel, which was popularized by Beyonce.  One of the Today Show producers, Ali Berger, had tinsel installed in her hair by NBC's makeover king, Louis Licari.

Ali explained that the tinsel had been in her for "about two weeks" and you can use a curling iron on them.  In fact, Ali mentioned her hair had just been curled by Susie.  The tinsel can also be washed like regular hair.

Kathie Lee asked how long the tinsel was supposed to last in the hair and Ali said "they told me only a few days", but hers were lasting much longer.

When asked what people were saying about her hair tinsel Ali said everyone loved it except Tammy (Fine), the Today Show producer.  When Ali told Tammy that Beyonce had the hair tinsel Tammy reportedly said "you're not Beyonce."

Kathie Lee said "well the real question is are they professional enough" to wear to work.

This topic has also been brought up by other media with regard to hair feathers.  Is there a right or wrong answer?  Can hair tinsel, glitter or feathers be worn or should they be worn in a professional setting?  What do you think?

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