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Philip Seymour Hoffman Earned Knit Cap At 2009 Oscars

What did you do this past weekend?  I spent every waking moment completely immersed in Hollywood Award ceremonies.  I watched the pre-award events, the awards and then the post-award events.  Today I am reading all the comments about who wore what and who did what.

(Image of Philip Seymour Hoffman arriving on the Red Carpet at 2009 Academy Awards - 2009).

While everyone wants to know if Jen and Angie got into a cat fight (they didn't), Mickey Rourke lent Whoopie Goldberg his shower curtain to wear to the Oscars (he didn't) and whether Brad and Angie snubbed Tim Gunn and Ryan Seacrest (they did), they also wanted to know what's up with Philip Seymour Hoffman's famous knit cap?

Since I was so involved in award ceremonies all weekend I can tell you that Philip, as his friends apparently call him, did wear the same knit cap two nights in a row.

He was first spotted with the cap at the 2009 Spirit awards which took place in a tent on the Santa Monica pier.  The Spirit awards are very casual and laid back although you can dress up if you like, and some of the stars did.

However, Philip wore the same exact knit hat, (unless he owns a handful of the same kind) to the Oscar Ceremony which is a definite No-No according to the fashion police.

(Image of Philip Seymour Hoffman wearing knit cap - 2009 Independent Spirit Awards - Accepting Ensemble Award for his work in Independent Film, Synecdoche, New York, 2009 -©2008-2009 Film Independent - All rights reserved).

Actually when it comes to Philip Seymour Hoffman, he has earned the right to saunter down the Red Carpet in an old plaid bathrobe with chewed up slippers and his hair in a cap.

Why?  The man is a brilliant actor and has won the respect and acclaim of the majority of those who share his acting craft.  He consistently brings it when it comes to acting and is very influential.

I saw him in the film Doubt .  He was fantastic.  There was not a single moment I confused Philip with the Catholic priest he was portraying so amazingly.  When I saw him take on Capote, it was stunning.  He was Trumen Capote.

Who knows why he wore a knit cap?  Maybe it's his good luck charm and like sports figures who have lucky socks or underwear, Philip has a special good luck cap?  Or maybe he is losing his hair and he wanted to cover it up?

Yes, it might have been better to wear a much dressier hat like a Fedora or a newsboy cap, but again, Philip has earned the right to wear whatever the hell he wants to wear.

When you have achieved the respect for your work Philip has, who cares what you wear?  Seriously.  The man is an acting god and at least in my opinion he can wear a dirty sock on his head if he wants to.

Kudos to Philip Seymour Hoffman for his amazing work and dedication to his craft.

Tell me what you think?  Should Philip Seymour Hoffman dump his cap or can he wear it whenever?  Do you have any idea why he is wearing the knit cap?  If so, please share.

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