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Steal Lady Gaga's Faux Bettie Page Retro Fringe Roll

Lady Gaga made a huge splash on Fox/TV's American Idol when she mentored the four finalists.  She definitely connected with Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina, but not so much with Scotty McCreery and James Durbin.

The Mother of All Little Monsters appeared with a striking black and white wig with a soft fringe roll which was her version of the Bettie Page Retro Fringe Roll.

Bettie's signature rolled fringe was also known as victory rolls which could actually be created at other locations along the head.

Rachel Federoff on Bravo/TV's Millionaire Matchmaker also has an amazing Bettie Page style multi-hue fringe roll which always looks amazing.

The American Idol hairstyle was classic Gaga and could be easily copied if you want to cut your hair all the way back to the top of your hair line for the ultimate in baby bangs.  Probably not something I would recommend for most people since growing out those super short bangs would be a true hair hell.

Keep in mind Gaga was wearing a bob style wig, but the hairstyle was very striking because of the length of the raven black fringe and the stark white platinum sides.  The edges of the wig were tipped in black to match the fringe.

The Official Bettie Page Fringe Roll

The truth about this hairstyle is that you will either adore it or hate it with a passion.  Either way you may still want to know how it's created and that's my mission today.

The rolled sausage fringe is often called the Bettie Page fringe.  For anyone who doesn't know about Bettie Page, she was the gorgeous pin-up girl who won instant fame by posing for Hugh Hefner in the fifties.  Back then posing for Hugh helped Bettie go viral.

Bettie was never as popular as Marilyn Monroe but she did have her fans and her hair was spectacular for that era.  When you think of retro hair you have to think about Bettie's rolled fringe.

Lady Gaga's Interpretation of Betty Page's Hairstyle

Of course I can't guarantee that Gaga's Black and White American Idol hairstyle was based upon Bettie Page's famous rolled fringe.  Regardless, it immediately reminded me of the hairstyle so I am going to assume that at some point Gaga or her hairstylists have checked out the hairdo.

Gaga took Bettie's fringe roll one step further by simulating the look of a dramatic fringe by wearing hers super short.  She also went with a dramatic color which was drastically different than the rest of her hair.  I loved Gaga's look because it was so Gaga.

The cool thing about the Bettie Page rolled fringe versus Gaga's super short sleek baby bang is that Bettie's hair style can be done without committing to cutting a super short fringe.  In fact, it can be created on clip-in bangs if you want to be super creative.

Retro Bettie Page Fringe Roll HowTo

Tools You'll Need:

Bobby pins, hair ratts or foam donuts, hair ties like Blax or Bungee, curling iron, comb and firm hold hairspray.

Step by Step How To:

On hair which is freshly cleansed, dried and straightened complete the following steps:

1.  Use a long tail comb and create a small triangle section at the very front of your scalp where a fringe would rest.  The area you should target is adjacent to the front of your hairline and extends to the area where your hairline starts to curve towards your temples.  Clip this hair up off your face and away from the rest of your hair.

2.  Pull the rest of your hair out of the way and secure it into a pony or hair twist.

3.  Remove the clip from the front triangle section.  Separate it into much smaller sections.  Use a boar bristle brush and backcomb to create lots of height and body.

4.  Once you have created the height you desire then use your fingers and smooth the sections down.

5.  Take a sausage shaped hair ratt or hair foam in the shape of a hot dog or sausage.  Roll your fringe around the hair ratt keeping tension from the roots of your hair as your roll.

Note: Ivana Trump uses a clean pair of pantyhose that she rolls up to form a desired shape and then uses it as a substitute hair ratt for her big bouffant and similar hair shapes.  You can try creating your own hair ratt with a rolled pair of clean nylons, socks or similar.

6.  Once you have molded the Fringe Roll to the shape you desire then pin it in place against the underside of the fringe.  Use bobby pins the same color as your hair and be sure to pin where the bobbies don't show.

7.  Spray with a firm hold hairspray.

8.  Unpin the rest of your hair and wear in a pony tail like Betty Page or wear wild and free like Lady Gaga.

This is such a fun hairstyle to try that the options are endless.  You can wear the back of your hair in a twist, top knot, chignon or with big teased waves.  You can also pop on a wig in a contrasting color like Gaga and go Gaga Retro.

You can also use your hand to mold and form your front roll.  It will be floppier if you don't use a ratt or form but experiment to get the look you love.

Call For Photos

If you decide to try either Lady Gaga's version or the traditional vintage version of Bettie Page I would love if you would share your photos of your finished fringe.  I love seeing new hair designs so please share with me.

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