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Hair Comb Types

Hair combs are both functional and decorative.  In some case hair combs can serve both function and adornment at the same time.

Basically hair combs fit into the follow categories:


Before the invention of the comb as we know it today, humans used their fingers or tree branches to detangle, style and smooth their strands.

Even in current times many people still use their hair as combs since fingers which have smooth skin and nails can be more gentle on hair then even the best made combs.

1.  Styling combs used to detangle, style and smooth hair.  Styling combs are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors.  They may also have a myriad of teeth arrangements.

Some styling combs are what is defined as wide teeth which means there is much more space between each tooth versus regular combs which have limited space between the teeth.

2.  Hair combs used to secure and hold a wide variety of hair widths in place.

Hair combs designed to capture and hold hair in place may be individual combs, a pair or combs or sets of combs designed to be used together.

(Image to the left of set of interlocking combs and to the right a gorgeous decorative comb - All images courtesy of

Hair combs used to secure hair may be stand-alone or may be hinged to hold hair more securely.  The teeth may be wavy, straight, looped or a combination of teeth.

3.  Flea combs are specifically designed to remove lice and related parasites from all hair covered areas of the body.  Flea combs are not designed to be used on regular hair for the purpose of styling.

Decorative And Functional

4.  Ornamental hair combs which are used to secure as well as decorate an updo, hair twist, chignon or targeted sections of hair such as the fringe, hairline strands or side strands.  Combs may also be used at the crown.

Decorative Only

5.  Some hair combs are designed specifically as a decorative hair accessory.

Decorative hair combs are not designed to hold any significant amount of hair and are primarily used to add sparkle or decoration to a range of hairstyles.

Decorative hair accessory combs may have a short span of teeth or teeth which are very narrow and shallow.   The teeth on a decorative hair comb exist to insert the comb into the hairstyle.

Related Tools

6.  Hot combs.  Also known as a pressing comb or straightening comb, it's a metal comb which is used to straighten moderate or coarse hair and create a smoother hair texture.  Hot combs may be heated up in a special oven or may be heated up by pulling into an electrical outlet.

Some hair dryers also have special brush and comb attachments which can be used to style hair while drying it.

7.  Guide combs.  Hair clippers designed to cut hair use what is known as blade guard attachments.

Blade guards use detachable blades or guide combs.  Clients often ask for a specific haircut length referencing a clipper blade guard or guide comb.

8.  Diffusers which attach to blow dryers are known as long or short finger diffusers.

Although they are not designed to specifically comb hair, long finger diffusers serve somewhat the same purpose in terms of drying and smoothing strands.

9.  Scissor comb.  Some scissors are designed to incorporate an actual comb as part of the scissors.  Scissor combs are primarily used to cut hair.

10.  Mustache comb.  Mustache combs are similar to combs used to detangle, smooth and style hair on the head except for the fact that it is miniature in size.  A mustache comb is not large enough to be used on any other type of hair, but a regular comb for the head can be used to comb a mustache and a beard.

Note: For more information visit our Hair Combs page.

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