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Like everything else connected to your hair there's a right and wrong way to comb hair.   Using the highest quality of comb is the best place to start.  Just as there are good and bad ways to comb, there are good and bad combs.

Hairstylist Jet Rhys of the Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego warns against using plastic combs.  She says "Plastic is a no-no.  Not only does it cause your hair to rip and break very easily, but it also promotes electrostatic."

Which underscores the importance of a good-quality comb.  Jet prefers hair friendly combs which have "wide teeth that detangle without pulling locks."

Jet has a great trick for combing wet hair which stretches and breaks more easily than dry hair.  Jet says ""With your free hand, hold your hair at mid-shaft while you use the other hand to comb."

As far as the benefits of pre-slumber combing for detangling Jet says "a few strokes is all you need."  Forget the idea of lots "one hundred strokes before bedtime" with either a comb or brush.

When caring for your comb Jet says "The only care that a comb needs is a quick removal of loose strands after use.  If the tools are yours exclusively, no need to worry about anything more than a lukewarm water run-through to clean."

The California stylist has a super-simple comb trick for end-of-the-day flat hair in need of refreshment.  She says "Think of a windshield wiper. Place your comb facing into the opposite side of the direction of hair growth, and comb back and forth. It increases volume!"

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