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Hair How To: 25 Ideas For Changing Up A Pixie Short Hair Cut

The Pixie for 2011 is extremely versatile and often borrows features from other short haircuts such as classic bobs, shags, chops and caps.

In general, pixie styles are cut close to the head with longer sections in some areas such as the bangs, the sides or the back.  it can be cut with a scissors, a razor or even shears.  Actress Carey Mulligan (see to the side) has showcased a super short choppy pixie which could also be described as a cap or crop.

However, pixies for 2011 can be super short, short or even bordering on medium length.

Pixie hair cuts are often referred to as boy or  androgynous cuts.  The fringe can be long and worn in a blunt style with a curtain of hair covering the forehead.  They can also be worn side-swept or choppy.

Bottom line, a precision cut pixie which is properly maintained with trims can be easily styled in a wide range of hairstyles with a little imagination, the proper products and hot styling tools.

Be sure to get a good haircut at the beginning because a great haircut falls perfectly into place with very little product.  Any styling products you use should be extras designed to give you a brand new look to your cut.

One of the biggest complaints of those who adopt a pixie hair cut is boredom with the style.  In reality there are tons of ways to change up a pixie or short cut.  Check out the 25 ideas for mixing a short cut up below.

25 ideas for changing up your pixie hair cut:

1.  Create a deep or low side part directing a large section of your hair over the top of the head in a flirty way.

2.  Change the deep part by moving it to the opposite side of your head and re-direct hair over to the opposite side.

3.  Play with a center part and a small barrel flat iron to create bone straight panels on either side of your head. 

4.  Eliminate any parts.  Blow dry hair straight with small paddle brush and direct all the hair back up and off the face.  Hold in place with one or more thin headbands positioned just a few inches back from the hairline.

5.  Experiment with combination parts by going with a side part which is either short or mashed up with zig zag lines.

6.  Blow dry hair bone straight, add a deep side part, direct long section of hair over the top tucking one or both sides behind the ears.

7.  Allow hair to air dry by applying a texture enhancing cream or similar product and finger picking to create a tousled look.

8.  Experiment with styling fringe straight across forehead with just a bit of separation.

9.  Blow dry fringe with a round brush to create a beautiful side swept swooping bangs.

10.  Create a teeny tiny braid with the longest sections of hair.11.  Pull long fringe hair up and back and braid into a tiny natural band of hair.

12.  Add clip-in feathers.

13.  Wear stacked and crystal encrusted bobby pins, barrettes or clips.

14.  Play with a wide range of hair accessories to completely change up your look from hair flowers in all sizes to sleeper clips and mini-jaws, claws, small combs and alligator clips.

15.  Change up the texture.  Apply a strong gel to create a slicked back look.

16.  Apply a styling cream or similar and set entire head in small pin curls.  Allow hair to air dry or use blow dryer.  Remove pin curls and tousle with your fingers for lots of tousled waves.

17.  Pop on a Image of Top Notch wig by Raquel Welch.  Check out the amazing new Raquel Welch wigs in an array of gorgeous colors. (Image of Top Notch wig by Raquel Welch)

18.  Pin in a few strands of clip-in hair in a contrasting color to instantly edge up your pixie.

19.  Create a faux hawk.  Create two equally space parts on either side of the head.  Take center hair and tease and spray to create a mini hawk. 

2o.  Go with a drastic new hue.  Opt for a bright white platinum due.  The beauty of pixie cuts is that the roots are easier to maintain and the color will grow out quickly.

21.  Brush all hair up and back off the face to give the appearance of a faux knot at the back of your head.

22.  Flip it up.  Blow dry using a small round brush.  When hair is 100% dry use a small barrel flat iron  and work around the edges of your hair cut and flip out the ends.  It will give you a completely different look for your pixie short hair cut.

23.  Add lots of movement to layered cuts by using a small round brush while drying.  Pull hair up at the roots and round out the edges.  Then use a small barrel flat-iron and bend and shape the ends to pull them out for max movement.

24.  Use shine wax and fingers to pick throughout the top and sides of the cut to create separation.

25.  For a fuller look back comb all of the hair for extra volume.  Use a small to medium barrel curling iron randomly throughout the hair alternating the direction the iron is positioned.  Use fingers to smooth the back combed sections and to finger tousle the ironed areas.

(Image above of Raquel Welch wearing All That Jazz from the 2011 Spring Collection - Available at Wig

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