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Lady Gaga's Chemical Haircut Highlights Known Bleaching And Blonding Challenges

Pop star Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta, has admitted to that her trademark white blonde hair is falling out because of constant dyeing and bleaching.

The superstar performer said “I have to get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out”.    Lady Gaga is a natural brunette but has spent many years dyeing her hair blonde.

Hair Problems Due To Excessive Dying And Bleaching

While anything Lady Gaga does with her hair, make-up, body or fashions sets the world on fire, her confession of blonde hair trauma is nothing new.  Many celebrities from Paris Hilton to Christina Aguilera have suffered through bouts of hair problems as a result of excessive drying and bleaching.

Although Lady Gaga's hair hues range from start white blonde to a mixture of eggnog, egg yolk and ashy gray blonde, it's hard to know exactly how dark her natural brunette shade it.  The darker her natural brunette hue, the stronger the dye that has to be used to pop open the cuticle and lift the color to a light white.

Bleach Damage To Hair

The stronger the chemicals used to lift the color, the more damage it can do the hair.  Anyone's hair.

Besides stripping the hair of all natural oils which leaves hair brittle and extremely dry, it accelerates the formation of split ends, puffiness, frizz and breakage.

Hair breakage which results from bleach damage can range from slight to extreme with hair snapping off right at the roots.  Bleach damage can also retard natural hair regrowth cycles.

Lady Gaga's Options

Gaga has the best celebrity hair colorists and stylists on her speed dial to guide her through any blonding process.  Unfortunately even the world's best colorists can't save hair which has been already damaged beyond repair.

While Gaga could undertake an intensive conditioning and repair program, her best option might be to give her hair a break and wear wigs while allowing her natural hair some time to rest and recover.  Since Gaga loves to wear spectacular hats, she definitely could combine an array of amazing wigs and hats for a new look which would delight her fans.

For the average person who suffers from bleach or blonding damage it's best to consult with a professional hair colorist or stylist who can create a focused hair recovery program which incorporates deep conditioning treatments, regular trims and even other methods or strengthening severely damaged hair.

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