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Blonde Anorexia - A Dangerous New Hair Coloring Trend?

Last year during the airing of Bravo/TV's Shear Genius I wrote a blog summarizing all of the different episodes with the various challenges.

One of the Shear Genius judges, celebrity colorist Kim Vo, is truly the king of blonding.   He is considered the very best with it comes to creating the most gorgeous  blondes in the Universe.   As a result of his blonding knowledge he was at the helm of a makeover contest with an array of tragically over-processed blondes.

(Image of platinum blonde Christina Aguilera on The Today Show to discuss The Voice - NBC - All Rights Reserved)

The goal of the contest?  To transform the over-bleached models into a healthier hue and cure them of what Kim Vo referred to as the chronic condition of blonde anorexia.

The winner of the blonde anorexia challenge was Matthew who decided to follow Kim Vo's advice and take his model who was horribly over-processed to a beautiful rich deep red hue.

Many of the other Shear Genius contestants were unable to take their tragically over bleached models to a more healthy color because the models didn't want to move away from their beloved blondes.

Ironically Kim Vo's warning against the over blonding, which he calls blonde anorexia, is currently playing out in the world of celebrities and consumers.    Just as anorexia is the obsessive fear of gaining weight, blonde anorexia can be described as the fear of not being blonde enough.

Anorexics starve themselves to avoid even an ounce of weight gain.  Blonde anorexics could theoretically continue to bleach their hair to make it progressively lighter regards of how damaged it may become or terrible it may look.

Just as anorexics have a distorted self image that prevents them from seeing how thin they actually are, blonde anorexics may have a distorted view of how blonde their hair really is.  Which means they will continue to try and make it even lighter.

The danger of chronic anorexia is extreme weight loss with the danger of death, blonde anorexia is the chronic over bleaching and over processing of the hair with the risk of hair breakage and/or hair loss.

Overbleaching and over processing can leave hair extremely dry, damaged and prone to ripping, tearing and splitting. Some celebrities believe you can never be too thin, too blonde or too tan.  But is that really true?

While anorexics may be shunned for being too thinned, blonde anorexics may come under harsh criticism for over-bleaching their hair and just having horribly fried hair.   Anorexia is recognized as a serious eating disorder.

Will blonde anorexia also be classified as an actual disorder or just a matter for the hair police?

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