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Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles On American Idol - How To Secrets & Tips

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles On American Idol - How To Secrets & Tips

One of the very best things about American Idol Season 10 is Judge Jennifer Lopez.  Don't get me wrong, I loved Ellen, Paula and all the previous AI judges but Jennifer has one thing none of them have.

Jennifer is a triple threat.  She's got the gorgeous long lush wavy tresses, the stunning smile and that body that doesn't stop.  Did she really have twins?

On American Idol she's showing herself to be a very compassionate judge who carefully balances solid feedback with kindness.  Some people believe she may be a little too kind, but luckily Judges Randy Jackson and Stephen Tyler provide a perfect balance so the contestants get solid feedback.

Regardless of her performance as a judge, which is wonderful, her hair continues to shine throughout every single appearance.

Even better, Jennifer's hair never looks the same.  In fact, not only does she alternate between wearing it up in an array of chic chignons, buns and twists, she also wears it down but with alternating texture.  She's had braids, twists and even worn beautiful hair accessories.

Her hair hue is also changing.  Have you noticed that about her? She started out the season a little more on the milk chocolate end of the brunette scale but has transitioned to more of a honey blonde.

No wonder the superstar is a celebrity spokesperson for L'Oreal.  Since she also sometimes wears clip-in or pieced extensions, she should be a spokesperson for one of the hair extension companies as well.   Of course she is probably very expensive but geez, with those tresses she would be worth every penny.  Right?

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle How To Secrets & Tips

There are some basic secrets to Jennifer's amazing hairstyles, color and textures.  Listed below are her top secrets:

1.  Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan - The famous New York colorist has been working with Jennifer for years.  Rita has a long history of creating eye popping, mouth dropping base colors, highlights and low lights.  Rita knows what works and what doesn't  on Jennifer and she is constantly pushing the envelope to top the star's best colors.

It's not really a secret that Jennifer works with Rita Hazan but her work with Hazan is definitely key to her amazing hair season and season.  Working with the same talented hair colorist for years on end definitely provides for hair color refinement and the development over time of heart stopping beautiful hues.

2.  Celebrity hairstylist Oribe - Jennifer has been very loyal to the Miami based Cuban hairstylist.  Oribe is a hair genius.  Like Rita he has been working with Jennifer so long that he knows exactly what works and what doesn't.  Like Rita, he pushes the envelope and has learned to take Jennifer to the very heights of hair perfection.

Again, Oribe is not really a secret, but Jennifer;s long history with the talented celebrity stylist is a huge plus.  The talented performer trusts Oribe and knows her hair ultimately reflects upon him and his reputation.  Definitely he will always do his very best to please her and of course to heighten his reputation for creating amazing work.

Trust is a key part of the equation as well.  When a client trusts their hairstylist and they have a long history together, the sky is the limit for amazing styles and hair creations.

3.  Great Hair Back-up Team - Since Jennifer travels so much and has such a busy schedule Rita and Oribe may not always be available to be with her 24/7.  With the help of Rita and Oribe the mega talented Jennifer has an entire network of hair colorists and hairstylists around the country who work with her hair when needed.  Many have been working with Jennifer for years like Rita and Oribe and they know how to provide a unified look to the superstar's tresses.

Jennifer's network allows her to always have hair help 24/7 if her key stylists aren't close by.  Everyone would benefit from having more than one stylist and hair colorist they trust to help them in hair emergencies.  Even better, by having a complete network around the country Jennifer is always receiving new ideas and input for her hair and how to make it even more spectacular.

4.  Jennifer's Attention To Her Own Hair - Jennifer actually takes care of her own hair at home.  Celebrities who don't participate in the creation of gorgeous hair by using the proper products at home to enhance their hair color and style are doing themselves a disservice.  I have it on good authority that Jennifer pays special attention to caring for her strands, as she does her body and skin.

She also provides input to all of her hair people about her own vision of what she wants her hair to look like.  Jennifer is very good at using her hair almost like a prop to help her project whatever persona she desires.  Is she the sex goddess, the compassionate talent judge, the loving mom or devoted wife?  Jennifer has all of her roles covered.

5.  Sticking With The Classics - Jennifer and her team know  Jennifer looks spectacular with long lush barely-there waves.  Even though her hair is naturally curly, she has established an array of trademark hairstyle looks and she stays close to those classic styles.  Yes, she mixes it up a bit with stunning accessories and gorgeous hues, but for the past few years the star has stayed close to her best styles.

Jennifer is not afraid to try new styles as long as they work with the types of styles she feels are best for her and her image.  For past acting roles Jennifer even allowed her own hair to be bleached platinum blonde.  However, when she has control, she will make decisions based on the history of what looks best for her style and showcases her face, eyes and skin tone.

6.  Balanced Image - Jennifer shuns fads. Don't ever expect her to adopt the latest Lady Gaga hairstyles.  She also selects her hairstyles to work with her fashions and her make-up.  When you see Jennifer's gorgeous hair, it knocks your socks off but doesn't overwhelm her entire look. Her hair is always balanced with everything else.

Of course it helps that Jennifer has access to the very best hair care products in the world along with the best hair colorist and stylist.  I also have it on authority that she is one of the nicest and sweetest celebrities around.   After seeing how she's been with the AI contestants I have no doubt.  Do you?

Jennifer Lopez is truly a hair goddess and her biggest hair secret of all?  Yes, she works hard and has an amazing team but Jennifer has fun with her hair and enjoys it.  Her beautiful hair is just an extension of the beautiful woman who is gorgeous inside and out.

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