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Oscar Nominee Melissa Leo Wears Mirrored Gown And Reports How Much She Loved Her Fighter Roleee

Oscar Nominee for Best Support Actress for the film, The Fighter, Melissa Leo, was Ryan Seacrest's third Red Carpet Interview of the evening.

The E announcer said "congratulations." Melissa Leo said "thank you so much it's delightful to be here."

Melissa was wearing her highlighted light chocolate brown hair parted from the center with soft straight hair panels cascading down on either side of her face.  Extending at the back of her head was a beautifully finished updo with a slight pouf at the crown section of her head.

Seacrest told Melissa her gown which was gorgeous.  Melissa's gown had a deep plunging neckline and cap sleeves.  It was indeed reflective.

The E announcer teased Melissa and said he could see himself in the gown, which he described as "golden and reflective."  Melissa laughed and said "yes, it's like a house of mirrors."  She explained "it's a Marc Bouwer (floral applique dress) that he built especially for me."

Seacrest asked if he built it with cranes?  Melissa laughed and said "oh I don't know if cranes were involved, but what I needed was a crane to get it on."

When Seacrest asked Melissa if there were any days she reported to the film, The Fighter, and because of the intensity of the role and said to herself "I just can't really do this, I can't really put myself through this" intensity.

Melissa said "oh no never that." She said "I really love to work and I really love my role."  She said in some ways "the grittier it gets" the more "fun she has."  Obviously Melissa enjoys a challenge with her acting roles.  She said "it was a remarkable shoot."

She also enjoyed having the real life family members around on set because they helped to inspire her "give her a lot of confidence" and make it even more wonderful.  She said the entire film experience was "just delightful."

When asked how having Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale impacted her performance and if it raised her game.  Melissa said "oh one hundred percent, great question, absolutely."

The Oscar nominated actress said it raised her game and "I love working with people who are really on their game and those two guys and Amy Adams were great."  Melissa said "everyone gathered there was great and on their game and ready" to go. She said " I love working with people who are on their game."

Obviously Melissa had a wonderful filming experience on The Fighter and enjoyed her fellow cast.

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