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Justin Bieber: Big Juicy Reveals In March Rolling Stone Magazine

Besides making world news for his new haircut, Justin Bieber scored with the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine for March of 2011.

Rolling Stone chronicles how The Biebs went from a Candian YouTube oddity to the biggest teen idol in the world.    Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis followed the 16 year old superstar to Atlanta where she broke bread with him at IHOP and hung out with him and his vocal coach while he worked a series of scales.

Grigoriadis covered the famous Bieber strands which yesterday underwent a major new chop.  Ironically his pre-cut hair was blamed for giving the growing young man an extra half inch of height when he was measured against a wall in the recording studio.  His vocal coach Jan blamed what appeared to be new growth as Bieber's fluffy tresses.

The young star's hair, as Grigoriadis explained, "is a whole article in itself."  She wrote "it's a pleasant hue, made up of all the colors found in hay, and as luxurious in person as it appears onscreen.  The hairdo-ness of it, with the bangs hanging low on his forehead, seems to bother him a little."

Justin Was Thinking About Cutting His Hair For Some Time

Ironically Grigoriadis reported in the March Rolling Stone which was on stands before his February 22nd cut that "members of his team says he's been talking lately about cutting it all off."  Why?  Because "every five minutes, he shakes it off his forehead, like a wet dog trying to shake off water."

Indeed his long time hairstylist, Vanessa Price, said the pop singer was anxious to mix it up. "He was ready," she explained to PEOPLE. "Cutting your hair is just part of the evolution and growing process for anyone, and I think he was just ready."

But this new look wasn't something Bieber took lightly. "We've been talking about it over the last 6 months or so--more or less, it's definitely been in the works for awhile," Price revealed.

Price also shared an intimate detail about the singer's hair: "It's like silk," she admits. "He has very, very soft hair; I hope it stays that way forever."

Bieber's Taste In Girls

However, the Rolling Stone article noted that Justin's "hair is part of what's attractive about him to women though - for women he's somewhere between an adorable baby and the male version of Scarlett Johansson circa 2003."

What's the Biebster's taste in female hair?  He told Grigoriadis that "I like a girl with a nice smile and who's funny.  As far as looks, my taste is dark hair.  But I don't limit myself, I like girls with blonde hair too.  I like everything."

Justin And Selena Gomez

While the Rolling Stone article about Bieber highlights some interesting information about his voice, his talent, his career goals and his hair, it also had a big reveal about Bieber's love of girls.    His agent, Scooter Braun confirmed that Justin is "girl crazy" but at the present time appears to be desperately in love with the dark haired Selena Gomez who he was caught kissing in St. Lucia.

Justin's Love Of Band-Aids

Although he is outspoken about loving and trusting his fans, he also admits he hates school, the paparazzi or paps and living in Los Angeles because of the lack of privacy.  He's a Christian, believes in equal rights for gays but is staunchly against abortion.  His favorite word is swag, he likes wearing Band-Aids on his fingers just because they're cool and he is a die-hard hip-hop fan.

One thing is for certain, Justin knows he owes all of his success to his fans and he knows his career is in their hands.  He pointed out "it's all in their hands.  If they don't buy my albums I go away."

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