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Irina Shayk Cried When She Found Out She Was On Cover of 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Irina Shayk (sometimes credited as Irina Sheik, born Irina Shaykhlislamova (Russian: Ирина Шайхлисламова) appeared on Ellen Degeneres on Friday, February 18th. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (born January 6, 1986) was wearing a shimmering skintight peach hued strapless gown. The super short strapless gown showed off the Russian model's gorgeous long legs.

Her light chocolate brown hair cascaded several inches past her shoulders ending in a soft perimeter wave. She was the picture of sexy glamour. Her hair was parted down the middle with panels of shiny hair nestling around her gorgeous face.

Ellen started her interview by asking the model how to properly pronounce her name. The model said "Irina." Ellen asked Irina where she was from.  Irina said "I'm from Russia."

The audience yelled and whistled. Irina laughed at the response and looked into the audience.  She continued "I'm from a very very small tiny village in Russia.  It's like two hours by flight from Moscow to South or three days by train." Ellen said "I would fly then." Ellen asked "and what is name of the town?"

Irina Shayk's Real Last Russian Name

Irina said "Yemanzhelinsk. It's kinda like my real last name. Because my real last name is Shaykhlislamova. And everyone thinks it's a joke because it's 14 letters, there in my last name and...." Ellen said "spell it for me?" The model gasped "oh my God I don't know if I can do it."  She then slowly spelled her last name.

Ellen was impressed. "WOW, that's a lot for a kid to learn. That's a very hard language for anyone to try. And as a kid there's so many letters you have to remember to spell your last name." Irina agreed  "yeah, thank god I have a good memory." Ellen asked "and you lived there until how long ago?"

Irina replied "well I moved to New York about three years ago."  The comedian asked "were you a model before you moved to New York?"  The now-famous Russian model said "yes. In Paris. A little bit. They discovered me in my small village."

Ellen seemed surprised "in your village? Who was in your village discovering people?" The model laughed "yeah I have same question."

Being Discovered In New York By Sports Illustrated

She explained "we moved to a little bit bigger city.  Me and my sister went to beauty school just for fun.  My manager came and found me. Then I moved to Paris."  Ellen asked "what about your sister?"  Irina said "well my sister, she got married." Ellen said "okay, all right, cause that would be hard if one of you was picked and not the other."  Irina agreed "yeah I know."

Ellen asked "so she's fine with it?"  Irina agreed "yeah she's really great." Ellen asked "you moved to New York? So you've been modeling for a while now?"

Irina explained "well for five years because when I moved to New York, Sports Illustrated discovered me.   I've been appearing in the pages of Sports Illustrated from 2007. I've been in Sports Illustrated for five issues over the past five years."

Ellen asked "is the first time you've ever been on the cover?"  Irina nodded "yes."  Ellen said "and it's a surprise, right? They don't tell you if you're going to be on the cover or not?"  Irina  said "yeah you don't know till last moment."

Ellen held up the 2011 Sports Illustrated magazine with Irina on the cover and said "was this early in the morning? Because it usually is."

Irina confirmed "yes it actually was first picture taken, in the morning, at 7 am.  And you know it was unexpected.  And I was, as you can see, kinda jet lagged and tired." Ellen looked at the photo, did a doubletake and then said "yeah you look a mess. That's a shame." The audience roared with laughter.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ellen said "and your boyfriend is a model as well? What is his name?"   The model said" this is good question." The model laughed. Ellen said "you don't know his name?"  Irinasaid "all that's really good."  Then Ellen said "his name is Cristiano?"  His name is Chris right?"  A photo of Irina and her boyfriend, Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo was shown on the screen.  Irina was wearing a tiny bikini and Ronaldo was wrapped in a little white towel.

Ellen pointed to the picture on the screen and asked Irina "That guy? That guy? The audience screamed with laughter."  The comedian asked "he's a soccer player?"  Irina confirmed that and said "he really would prefer other pictures."   Ellen showed another photo or Ronaldo wearing a tiny bikini brief.  She said "look at that, look at that."  The audience applauded.

The talk show hostess" said "you two are a good couple right there don't you think?"  The model said "yeah thank you, thank you."  Ellen said "he must be very proud of you."  Irina said "well I guess so."

Irina, Her Sister And Her Mother All Cried When She Made The Cover

Ellen said "and you should be proud of him too?" Ellen said "and your family, they must be proud of you." The model said "yeah, well I'm first Russian model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  And yeah when my mom knew I was on the cover she cried.  And then she called my sister.  And my sister cried.  Then my sister called me back and I cried to. So it was like the three of us cried."

Ellen asked Irina "are they still in Russia?  In the same town?"  Irina said "yeah"  Ellen "even your sister?"  Irina "yes, my sister, year."  The comedian said "well that's a great story. Congratulations."  Irina said "thank you, thank you."

Modeling Is Not Easy

The comedian said "people think that modeling is easy. But it involves early, early hours. You have to get up early in the morning, because you have to. I know from my own modeling. It's freezing cold. Sometimes right? So I want to give you a gift so that when you're cold and you're posing like that you're going to keep warm."

Ellen's assistant Andy brought out a bag.  The model said "oh my God what is this?" Ellen said "don't get scared.  All right, so this is a heated bikini.   All you have to do is plug it in and it will keep you warm."

The model said "it's a little bit not my size, but I love it." Ellen said "we'll have it altered." Ellen said the next time we see you on the cover we'll see you in our (Ellen) bikini. The model laughed and said she would try and then said "thank you for my present and waved to the audience."

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