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Celeb Hair Twins - Jessica Simpson & Marisa Miller

Jessica Simpson and Model Marisa Miller could be hair twins.

Singer, songwriter, actress and fashion design Jessica and Sports Illustrated Model Marisa have a very similar hairstyle look which includes long lush blond hair, lots of volume throughout the crown, expertly woven highlights and low lights.

Both beauties have a square shaped face with gorgeous eyes, skin and lips.

Jessica and Marisa are both famous for their long blond tresses which they both often wear parted down the middle or slightly to one side.  They both also favor soft waves around the perimeter of their long strands.

Jessica is famous for popularizing darker roots although initially she and her celebrity hairdresser - Ken Paves - took some heat for her roots, which has become a hot hair fashion and now deliberately created for blonds.

Marisa also wears prominent dark hair roots, even long then Jessica's which blend in with her light blonde hue.

Jessica Simpson and Marisa Miller have other similarities besides their hair.

Marisa was born August 6, 1978 (30) and is a Leo while Jess was born July 10, 1980 (28) and is a Cancer.

Both celebrities have been married once before and are now divorced, but both are again in serious intimate relationships. Marisa has remarried and Jessica hopes to marry again in 2009.  She has told the media she is anxious to marry her current boyfriend Tony Romo or the Dallas Cowboys and have children.

California born Marisa is 5' 8" with hazel eyes.  Texan Jessica is 5'3" with brown eyes and is know for her Double DD chest.  Marisa is a famous Sports Illustrated Model with a 34 D chest.

Both celebrities favor form fitting fashions which show off their spectacular figures and both look especially stunning in black which serves as a great contrast for their blond hairstyles.

Although not related in any way, if you saw these two beauties in a dark nightclub you might do a double take since they could definitely be hair twins.

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