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Bar Refaele Belly Ring Airbrushed Off

Ellen introduced supermodel Bar Refaeli (born June 4, 1985) by saying "you can see a whole lot of our next guest on the cover of the 2009 Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit Issue."

(Image of Bar Refaeli on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 Coverage).

The talk show hostess then said "please welcome the beautiful Bar Refaeli (pronounced Raff E ellie)." The Israeli model has recently shot to worldwide fame as the 2009 Cover Model on Sports Illustrated, which is now on stands.

The tall, leggy blonde model glided out onto the stage wearing a skintight thigh length, soft navy blue knit dress accented by a milk chocolate double row belt.  She wore matching milk chocolate high heels.

Her perfectly highlighted blonde hair was brushed up and off her stunning face with the hint of a slight puff off her hairline.

The beautiful cover model had her hair coiffed in a half up/half down style with the bottom strands cascading down past her shoulders and ending in very loose waves.

Ellen told Bar "congratulations.  This is huge.  Congratulations.  And this must be something as a model that everybody aspires to do. Right?"

Dreaming About SI Cover Since 15 Years Old

Bar agreed "I mean it's probably one of the biggest things you can have and I am so lucky and thankful to have gotten it."  She noted "it has been my dream since I'm 15."

She told Ellen "I've been dreaming about it, it was my goal and now you know I got it and it's been like a crazy week with a lot of press, a lot of parties, it's been like so much fun, but I'm looking for a new dream right now.  And so....What am I going to do now?"

Ellen questioned "now what are you going to dream about?  Well what do you want to do?  Do you want to act? Or where do you want to take this?"

Bar Just Wants To Do Fun Things

Bar "I guess I don't know.  I just want to do fun things."

Ellen wanted to know, referring to the SI shoot "was this fun? Cause it looks like in some of these shots, um, there's lots of sand in places that I would think. There's one shot, where is it, that you're, I don't know, look, you're rolling around."

Ellen continued "is that cold right now where you are?  Is that water cold?"  Bar explained "no, the water's really warm. It's the most beautiful place. It's amazing, but."

(Image of Bar Refaele - - All Rights Reserved).

Sand Gets In The Weirdest Places

Bar agreed "yeah, sand does get to like the weirdest places.  I've been traveling after this and I went to Miami and I went to  Europe.  And like I found sand in her bed. It just sticks, it's like little pieces of stone.  And not really soft sand."

Bar explained when "I sit on a plane and like...I find things" and she demonstrated scratching her head and picking at it.  She continued "and people look at me like I have bugs and I am a dirty person, but it just sticks."

Ellen said, well "especially if you're on a plane and you pick it out and start looking at it like some type of a monkey or something, if someone is grooming you."

Bar said "people were looking at me in a strange way cause I didn't even understand what I had in my hair." Ellen pointed out "it's a great refiner.  It is actually good for your face, to clean your face with the sand or something like that."

(Image of Bar Refaele - - All Rights Reserved).

Shooting At Sunrise

The talk show hostess asked "where they shot the cover."  Bar said in "Canouan Island in The Grenadines and its a beautiful gorgeous place, they always take you to the most beautiful places."

Ellen said, "right, but don't you have to get up to get that shot?  Is that like 5:00 in the morning you get up?  Bar looked at the photo on Ellen's screen of her laying on the sand and said "this is actually 4:30."

Bar said "we wake up at 3:00 am to do makeup and hair so we can get the sunrise. We break for 10 hours and we start again at 4:00 in the afternoon.  It's crazy."  Ellen agreed "that is a crazy schedule there's a lot that goes into getting that beautiful shot.

Was Air Brushing Done On Bar's Photos

Ellen wanted to know if they "airbrushed anything at honest."  Bar said "you know they told me that they haven't airbrushed a lot which is a big compliment to models."

She did say "but it's the first time I see my belly button for years. I have an earring and when I first saw the cover I'm like something looks strange. I haven't seen my belly button for like 9 years."

Ellen asked "so they took your belly button ring out?  Was it there for the shoot?

Yes (it was there for the shoot) but "it was gone" after wards.  Ellen said so "SI decided "not to show the belly button ring. They took your belly ring out?"  Bar agreed "and they just airbrushed it out."

Ellen showed a blow up image of Bar's belly button on the screen at the back of the stage.  Bar looked at the magnified image and said "here you can see it" and she pointed to the belly ring.  Then she said to Ellen "what is this picture?"  Ellen teased, "we took that back stage.  You know that hole in your dressing room?  That's what that is."

Does Bar Work Out On A Regular Basis?

Ellen asked Bar "now do you work out on a regular basis?  Or did you start like when you found out you were doing this (Si shoot) like start working out?

Bar said "I do work out on a regular basis."  Ellen asked "what do you do?  She explained "I do a lot of cardio and I work out with a trainer."  I do "scrunches, all the horrible disgusting things you're....  I don't like working out.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit but I have to."

SI Wants Bar To Remain Curvy

Bar explained "but for this they (SI) actually call you three years ago when I first did it (appearing in the Swimsuit Issues) they call you and they say (SI), don't start losing weight, don't go on a crazy diet.  We like you curvy."

And then on the photo shoot "I would be like eating a burger" and they would ask "do you want dessert"  You know, they want you to be curvy."   Ellen confirmed "They want you to be curry."  Bar said "yeah."

Ellen said "That's great. I would not necessarily call this curvy.  But, I mean it's beautiful and you have a great body but I can't believe that's what is called curvy?  That's uh.

Bar explained that "well, in comparison (to other models and their bodies) I'm curvy, I'm kinda curvy." Ellen pointed out you have a great body cause some people don't you think they should not  encourage "models are too thin, I think." Bar agreed.

She said as a general rule "it's not healthy, its not attractive." Young girls look at that and go I'm supposed to be that skinny.

Ellen changed the topic to the upcoming Oscars.  She said "talking about the Oscars on Sunday, don't you think someone was left out that should have been nominated?

Bar replied "yeah, dude, you're so good in that movie."

Ellen said "Yeah. Bar "You should totally."  Ellen said "not me. What are you talking about? I'm talking about Leo".

Bar said "who?"  Ellen said "Uh Leo." Ellen said "well I will say I thought Leo was so great in Revolutionary Road I thought he should have.  I'm serious.  I was shocked, he was so great in that movie, and, but anyway."  Ellen said "have you met him?  He's a great guy you should meet him, you two would be great together."  Bar said "hook it up."

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