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How To Dance Your Way To Fat Loss

Kirstie Alley lost a ton of weight on last season's Dancing With The Stars.  Indeed, dancing is a great form of exercise.

If you want to blast fat, flatter your figure, get into some sick shape, or just add some fun to your exercise routine consider the following dance style options:

1.  Jazz - This is a great option if you want to blast off those last five pounds.  Jazz is a great calorie burner because you're constantly kicking and pivoting.  In fact, jazz burns a lot more calories than many other forms of dance.  Jazz also involves a lot of strutting so you will be prepared to do the cat walk, which is a popular jazz dancing technique.

Prior to dancing, jazz dancers typically perform exercises in order to warm up and stretch muscles so as to prevent injuries. In addition, core strengthening exercises are often used for conditioning.

2.  Ballet - Ballet, whether traditional or contemporary which combines classical ballet and modern dance,  is a great way to get a longer, leaner body look. Since it's a weight-bearing movement you've got to tighten your core to maintain balance.

It takes its technique and body control using abdominal strength from classical ballet, although it permits a greater range of movement that may not adhere to the strict body lines or turnout set forth by schools of ballet technique.  Ballet also provides a heightened sense of gracefulness and elegance.  And yes, it burns calories.

3.  Hip Hop - Besides burning calories this popular form of dance helps define your muscles.  This type of dancing includes lightening quick jumping and gyrating.  Your abs get cut because of all the bumping and grinding which flows from your stomach area.

4.  Belly Dancing - Shakira made this type of dancing very popular.  Just look at her whittled waist and her killer body and you will understand why.  Most of the movements in belly dancing involve isolating different parts of the body (hips, shoulders, chest, stomach etc.), which appear similar to the isolations used in jazz and ballet, but are often driven differently.

In much of belly dance there is a focus upon the core muscles of the body producing the movement rather than the external muscles of the body.  The side-to-side movements in belly dancing help to define and shape your waist.  Belly dancing also provides a heightened awareness of your body.

5.  Irish Dancing - This type of traditional dancing originated in Ireland became very popular in 1994 in the world-famous Riverdance show.  This type of dancing burns lots of calories because of it's rapid leg and foot movement.  The body and arms are kept stationary.  This is a great type of workout for the legs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

The other distinguishing feature of this type of dancing is that feet are flat on the floor dancing with a sliding /gliding style. Each part of the set dance (figure) is danced to a music tempo, mostly reels, jigs, polkas, hornpipes and slides.  For a major workout take up Irish or similar style dancing.

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