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Stefania Owen Rocks Natural Curls And Waves On Running Wilde

Stefania Owen (born December 15, 1997 in Miami, Florida) stars in the role of Puddle Kadubic in Fox/TV's Running Wilde which airs on Tuesday at 9:30-10:00 PM/ ET.  Puddle is a very interesting character on the show.  Not only is she the ongoing narrator, she plays Emmy's (Keri Russell) daughter.

Puddle Kadubic takes well-intentioned parent meddling to a whole new level. Raised in the Peruvian bush, Puddle wants nothing more than to be a normal kid with a normal life. Unfortunately, even her new life in Neverwood is pretty far from normal.  Can you imagine being named Puddle?

The relationship Emmy has with Steve (Will Arnett) is very strange and complicated.  In essence Emmy and Puddle live in a tree house on millionaire Steve's estate which has an opulent mansion complete with servants and all the trappings.

Emmy and Steve have a long romantic history and the teen-aged Puddle often finds herself in the middle of all the insanity surrounding her mom and Steve.

On a recent episode Puddle's desired to be treated like any other normal teen-aged girl was tested in a mix-up between her boyfriend and her mother with hilarious results.Stefania is adorable in the role.  She has long chocolate brown tresses which she wears in an array of naturally curly ringlets and soft waves.  Whether its from the sun or not, she also has beautiful chestnut hued highlights and dark chocolate lowlights which gives her hair lots of dimension and shimmer.

Stefania lives in New York and in New Zealand.  In the past she played the role of Flora Hernandez in the Peter Jackson film, The Lovely Bones.

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