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Julianna Marguiles Leaves Natural Curls Behind At SAG Awards

The Good Wife's Julianna Margulies who used to wear her naturally curly hair in all it's ringlet infused glory wore her chocolate brown hair very straight, very sleek and pulled back into a nape level long pony.  Her hair was completely pulled off her face with a center part which showed off her beautiful eyes, face, lips and earrings.

Her bone straight pony also showcased the front of her red sweetheart style long gown.

And speaking of her gown, Julianna strolled the SAG carpet in a breathtaking red strapless Yves Saint Laurent gown.

Bavna Accessories

She accessorized with a simple black clutch, and diamond earrings and a ring by Bavna, and went for subtle smoky eyes and nude lips.

She stopped by to chat and blow air kisses with E's Giuliana Rancic to preserve the makeup both celebs were wearing.  After asking who she was wearing Giuliana commented that it's important to remember the names of all the designers.  Juliana agreed and said "you want to give kudos to all who deserve it."

Can you only imagine how upset you would be if you provided jewels or handbags to a star on the Red Carpet and they didn't mention your name.  So yes, kudos are important for a number of reasons.

Julianna noted she made sure to memorize the name of her jewels "because I've never worn this jewelry before and I'd never heard of them so I was very excited to represent someone new who is coming into the world of fashion."

Why The Good Wife Is Getting Even Better With Age

Giuliana noted that The Good Wife seems better than ever and asked Julianna why that was the case.  Julianna said that the writers Robert and Michelle King who are the executive writer, producers and creators of The Good Wife "are incredibly competitive with themselves and even though last year was a stellar, amazing freshman year.  I think they really wanted to one up themselves this year.  And they are so committed to the show and their writing.  And I was just reading the next episode we're about to shoot on next before I got here and it just gets better and better and more intricate and complex.  I feel very fortunate to have this job."

Julianna's Offscreen Husband Makes Her Eat

Even though she stars in The Good Wife Giuliana asked the star, who ultimately won The 2011 SAG for her starring role, what some of her off-screen hubby's pet peeves might be about her.  Juliana laughed and said "you would have to ask him that."  Then she paused and said that one of her "hubby's pet peeves might be that I will go, go, go, go and forget to eat and then my blood sugar will drop and I'll wonder why I'm in a bad mood.  So I'm learning. He made me eat before I came today.  You know, you get caught up, that's probably his biggest pet peeve. But not a pet peeve when you have a husband who makes you eat."

Not only does Julianna husband make her eat, he is a very handsome and obviously devoted partner.  How lucky is she?

Accepting Her Award

When Julianna won The Actor and accepted her award she made a point of thanking her in-laws for producing her husband which didn't leave a dry eye in the house.

As far as the disappearance of her natural curls?  No word from Julianna or her celebrity hairstylist on whether they will ever appear again.  Which may be a pet peeve of many fans who adored her natural textured hairstyles in the past.

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