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Julianna Marguiles Hair How To

Julianna Marguiles Hair How To

Julianna Marguiles (born June 8, 1966) is delightful as Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife on CBS. The show is getting ready to start its third amazing season (2009 - present) with Julianna doing an amazing heartfelt job as a woman betrayed by her husband and her best friend.

As a full time attorney, Alicia initially returned to work due to the imprisonment of her husband, a high ranking politician.   Alicia also discovered that her newly incarcerated husband had cheated on her with other women.

In order to keep the family together Alica and her two teen-aged children (boy and girl) moved into a high rise apartment and her pushy mother-in-law moved it to keep the house together.

As a working attorney Alica wear her chocolate brown tresses in below-the-shoulder sleek bobs which lots of volume throughout the roots.  Off camera Julianna Marguiles is famous for her natural curls.  On The Good Wife her hair rarely has much curl or wave.  Her hair is sleek, shiny and usually bone straight.

Julianna's acting is mesmerizing. As a result of her amazing portrayal Julianna is said to be the heavy favorite in winning the Emmy for leading actress in a drama.  Will she win?  Only time will tell.

A Tight Emmy Race For Best Actress In A Drama

Although the experts are picking Julianna to win for her role in The Good Wife she is competing against an amazing group of actresses including Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) who many feel is very deserving.  

The category nominees include Kathy Bates for Harry's Law, Connie Britton for the now ended Friday Night Lights, Mireille Enos, The Killing and Mariska Hargitay, Law and Order: SVU.  Anything can happen like it did last year when Kyra Sedgewick won over Julianna for her role in The Closer.

Julianna has said in the past that she adores her role on The Good Wife.  And her passion for the part shows.  Fans adore her and love her from her days on ER with George Clooney.

Julianna Marguiles Hair How To

Julianna's hair for her role as Alicia is different from how she wears her shoulder length naturally curled brunette tresses off screen. If anything, her hair on The Good Wife is different and more businesslike than she wears her hair as a successful attorney.

Julianna tends to wear her hair either in a slightly off-center part or a side part. She also wears her hair either with a hint of soft waves throughout the perimeter or bone straight.

Follow the steps below to copy Julianna's long brunette hair with a slight wave:

1. Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with a product designed to address the needs of your hair type, texture and current condition. If your hair is naturally textured like Julianna's, or dry and damaged from other factors than opt for a hydrating product.  Or you may wish to opt for a Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only Wash (Co Wash) or similar cleansing methodology.

2. Rinse cleansing formula from the hair and then apply an appropriate rinse-out conditioner from the tops of the ears to the ends. If your hair tends to be fine or thin use a rinse out product which is very light.

3. Detangle strands with fingers or a wide-tooth comb working in horizontal sections from the ends up to the roots.

4. Rinse out conditioner and finish with a cool or cold water rinse.

5. Towel blot to remove excess water.

6. Apply styling cocktail which may include, but not be limited to, detangling spray, defrisant based leave-in conditioner or styling mousse. If hair is not naturally straight you may want to add in a dab of straightening gel or cream.

7. Create desired part.  Julianna tends to wear side or center parts.  Separate hair into 2" horizontal sections and blow dry straight with a 100% boar bristle paddle brush.

Work from one side of the head to the other. Hold the end of each section of hair taut as you direct the air flow from the blow dryer nozzle down the shaft from the roots to the ends to encourage sleekness and shine.

8. After hair is 100% dry separate into 1 1/2 to 2" sections. Apply a thermal protectant to each section before flat ironing with a 1 1/2 to 2" flat iron. Run the iron through each section of hair a few times to achieve a bone straight finish.

If you wish to add texture to the edges then use the iron to slightly twist the end up to create a curve.

9. Once hair is completely cool apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of the hands and work through the strands from top of the ear to the ends. Do not apply to the roots.

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