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Curly Girl Julianna Marguiles' L'Oreal Photoshoot Snafu

Julianna Margulies Wearing Bone Straight Medium Length Bob

Curly Girl Julianna Marguiles' L'Oreal Photoshoot Snafu

It was reported recently that newly named L'Oreal Paris celebrity spokes model Juliana Marguiles got hot under the collar as she waited to shoot a recent L'Oreal Paris ad.

According to the NY Daily News the Good Wife star was left waiting for two hours while film star Rachel Weisz was ahead of her in make-up and hair.

Apparently the entire shoot was chaotic with Juliana cooling her heels while Rachel 's photo shoot ran seriously behind schedule.

While the photo shoot snafu is an interesting story, what's more noteworthy, at least in my opinion, is the fact Julianna has natural curls which is more often than not altered into non-curly styles.

Initial images from the photo shoot show Julianna without her trademark curls.

Yes it's true Julianna is representing L'Oreal's famed RevitaLift skin care line and not their hair care.  How her hair is coiffed as she represents the world-famous beauty brand is still food for thought.

Eugene Souleiman's Curly Hairstyle On Julianna For May Cover of W

Julianna Marguiles - The Good Wife

Julianna is famous for her mass of natural ringlets from her days on TV's ER. In her role on Good Wife her naturally curly hair is usually worn with only a hint of texture in the form of very loose waves.

The award winning actress does occasionally showcase her curls as she did for the May cover of W magazine. Her curls were coiffed for the shoot by celebrity hairstylist Eugene Souleiman.

Souleiman told W magazine it didn't take several industrial fans to get her natural curls to fly for the cameras, but he did say he "flagged her with a big piece of poly-board to lift her hair (styled curly) and make it fly!"

Hair Extensions, Curling Irons And Lots Of Brushing

If you thought Julianna had a heck of a lot of hair blowing around on that W cover, it should be noted the celeb hairstylist explained he added "two packs of weft (faux hair)" to give Julianna all that hair. He also used "a curling iron" on her natural curls as well as the weft hair.

Julianna Marguiles With Long Loose Waves

If you have natural curls and want to copy Julianna curls on that W cover, you should know that all the rules of natural curly hair styling were broken.

Not only were hair extensions added, but her curls were "brushed and brushed" and curling irons were used.

Two big no-nos according to some prominent natural curl experts when styling textured tresses.

Julianna 's Hair For L'Oreal

Julianna Marguiles With Sleek Straight Hair

Although Julianna rocked her natural curls for W, her hair is more often worn either straight or with cascading waves. Will she wear her hair curly, wavy or straight for L'Oreal?

My best guess is either straight or with a little wave.

Why? Since her role for L'Oreal is to promote her beautiful skin and their skin care line, wearing her hair naturally curly might distract from her skin. I know it would for me.

When Julianna does allow her natural curls to fly free in that mass of stunning ringlets, I don't pay attention to much else. So maybe that's why she also is wearing her natural curls bone straight in a shoulder length bob on the current season (Fall 2010) of The Good Wife.

Only time will tell how Julianna will wear her hair in her role for L'Oreal, but it will definitely be noteworthy. I for one will be watching.

Will you?

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