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Jesse Eisenberg Swallowed His Gum On 2011 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Guiliana Rancic interviewed a wavy haired Jesse Eisenberg who is nominated for a 2011 SAG Award for his performance in the hit movie Social Network.  Guiliana asked Jesse what he was chewing as he walked up to her station along the Red Carpet and he said he was "chewing gum" but there was no gum in his mouth as he chatted with Guiliana.  She asked him what happened to the gum in his mouth.

He paused and said "I swallowed it."  Guiliana said "you can't swallow gum."  Jesse said "no, no, I asked the doctor and he said that's kinda an old wives tale.   You can swallow gum."

Guiliana said "it doesn't get stuck in your stomach for seven years?"  Jesse said "no not unless my doctor's trying to kill me."

Guiliana congratulated Jesse on his performance on Saturday Night Live last evening and asked how he got there "so quickly?"  Jesse explained he took "an airplane, those are very efficient" and it was a "six hour flight" and the show ended "seven hours ago."  Guiliana said "so quick, quick, quick."

Jesse discussed meeting Zuckerberg during the monologue at the SNL show and he told Guiliana he actually meet the Facebook CEO for the first time at the dress rehearsal that's held in front of an audience.

And "that's where I met him and it was such an overwhelming experience and it was probably the best way to meet him because I never met him before and we were both exited to there (at Saturday Night Live) and be in even more strange circumstances than just meeting each other in a coffee  shop would be to meet each other under those circumstances.  So probably for the best."

So no, Jesse did not feel awkward meeting Zuckerberg. "No, no, it was wonderful.  I was so happy that he agreed to do it.  I can imagine it was such a strange experience, a movie made about your life and the fact that he so generously came and did that and were both able to have fun about the situation and it was just so sweet."

Guiliana asked Jesse if he and Zuckerberg chatted about Jesse's acting in the role and Jesse said that "the way the show works, it happens so quickly, you really can't focus on anything else.  So everything's happening before the live show is about the live show and there's so much to do so we really did talk a lot about how it was going to work and meet on stage and make it as funny as possible.

So what's next for Eisenberg? "Next?" he told E!'s Giuliana Rancic, "17 interviews and 16 more awards shows."  Jesse did say that he was wearing Dolce & Gabbanna.

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