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Pauly D Gets Naturally Curly Hair Cut Every Week

The January 31st issue of Us Weekly listed 25 Things You Don't Know about Pauly D of MTV's Jersey Shore.  The resident DJ, who is 30, is famous for spending a lot of time on his strands but the Us Weekly piece offered some interesting insights.

Pauly D said he washes his hair every day and flies home "once a week for a haircut - same guy for 14 years!"  Wow, that's a lot of airline miles for a haircut ,but Pauly D has naturally curly tresses and everyone knows natural texture requires the skills of a hair cutting expert.

It's no secret the handsome DJ spends lots of time on his hair.   Afterall, it shows.

Pauly D also claims to be a neat freak whose daily blowouts take 25 minutes.   Of course the daily blowouts combined with the daily shampoo sessions cut into his famous GTL time, but since Pauly also gets a manicure every other week, you know this Jersey Shore star is very well groomed.

Pauly explained he goes for his manicures because a "DJ's hands have to look good" and his hands always look spectacular.  He didn't mention pedicures but I bet he gets them.  He seems to really be on the ball with doing what it takes to look great.

My only regret?  Pauly D didn't disclose the name of his haircut guru.  It makes sense.  If Pauly's there once a week and the fans find out where and who does his impeccable cuts on his natural curls he risks walking into a madhouse.

I loved that Pauly told Us that "my favorite thing in the world is the feeling I get when I walk out and see the crowd right before I deejay."

No wonder, with impeccable hair, nails and fashions, the man should feel great.  Kudos to Pauly D for being a great example of the importance of men's grooming.

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