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Big Hair, Buns, Twists, Chignons Dominated 2011 Golden Globes Awards

Maybe it was the influence of the trademark ballerina buns in the multi-nominated The Black Swan or maybe it was just something in the air but many of the 2011 Golden Globes female celebs showcased an array of twists, buns and upswept strands.

Some were gorgeous, some not so much.

Presenter Scarlett Johansson looked spectacular in Elie Saab, but her hair was an swept up into an off-center confection of over tresses cottony mess which some critics referred to as a Bride of Frankenstein mess.

(Image of Scarlett Johansson in front with Natalie Portman in background - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Helena Bonham Carter's hair was hard to classify although it was mostly up with lots of texture and what appeared to be a type of netting headdress.

Golden Globe winner Natalie Portman nailed her big bun version with a gorgeous sleek French Twist right out of an Audrey Hepburn movie.  Actress Claire Danes, another GG winner, wore a very chic and smooth nape neck chignon that was very polished.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also had a big bun which straddled the crown of her head.  The good news was that Jennifer's bun was polished and finished and appropriate for the gown she was wearing.

E Fashion Police team members Kelly Osbourne showcased a hip Grace Kelly blonde updo which was in perfect harmony with Guiliana Rancic's beautiful brunette version.

(Image of Carrie Underwood at 2011 Golden Globes Awards - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Some other notable buns, twists and chignons included Amy Adams strawberry blonde twisted bun with side tendrils,  Emma Stone's newly blonde sleek updo twist and Glee's Heather Morris who had a sleek twist with a soft sweep of side fringe and a side tendril.  Julianna Margulies pulled back her natural brunette ringlet curls into a tight twist.

Gorgeous blonde Carrie Underwood combined a sleek twist with a polished crown bump which created instant elegance and sophistication who told Ryan Seacrest it was her first Golden Globes appearance.  Modern Family's Julie Bowen looked adorable with her tousled updo while Eva Longoria had a very elegant twisted updo with a sleek side-swept fringe tucked to one side.

Julia Stiles rocked a pulled back, pinned up hairstyle which was tucked behind one ear and pulled under in the back to give the appearance of a tousled chignon.

Many other celebrities like Mila Kunis had versions of updos, twists, buns, ballerina buns or similar.  Most of the pulled up hairstyles were loose and slightly tousled but with a nice finish.  There was not obvious bedhead buns other than maybe Helena Bonham Carter whose hair looked like it had been slept on for weeks.

(Image of Eva Longoria - 2011 Golden Globe Awards - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

It will be interesting to see if all the updos, twists and buns will be a big trend on the upcoming Oscar Red Carpet.  Stay tuned.

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