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Snooki's So Over Her Hair Pouf But Is Scared By Giant Hair Ball

Jersey Shore's Snooki appeared on Ellen today (1/5/11) and Ellen devoted a lot of time to the pint sized reality TV star who was on the show to promote the release of her new book titled Snooki.

Snooki's hair was bone straight, very sleek and worn down near her waist.

(Image of the cast from MTV's Jersey Shore - Snooki is on the far left - All Rights Reserved)

Her famous hair pouf was nowhere in sight.  Snooki actually looked gorgeous with her healthy, shiny chocolate brown strands worn straight and down around her waist.

Snooki's So Over Her Hair Pouf

Ellen said "You're not wearing the pouf anymore I see.  You're going to get away from the pouf?"   Snooki said "I'm so over it."  Ellen pointed out that Snooki is wearing the hair pouf on the back cover of her new book.  Ellen said "the pouf is very recognizable."

Ellen said "you just that (pointing to the hair pouf section) and you know that's you."  Ellen told Snooki that her pouf was so famous that "for Halloween" I was "your pouf" on the show.

Snooki said "I saw that (Ellen wearing a Snooki pouf) and you looked so hot."  Snooki said Ellen's hair pouf costume "was the best costume I've ever seen."  Snooki said "that's so funny."

Snooki Has Google Alerts On Her Phone

Ellen pointed out how tiny Snooki is and asked her if she minded.  Snooki agreed "she's tiny".  When asked if she reads what's written about her Snookie ticked off a few of the words used to describe her including "oomph faloompa, meatball, basketball" and then she said "thank you."

Snooki said "oh yeah, I actually have Google alerts on my phone so that is anything Snooki comes up on my phone and I read it and if it's anything outrageous like they say I'm pregnant with Pauly D's kid then I know to say that's not true."

While Ellen and Snookie were chatting a man dressed in a big faux hair ball like the one Ellen wore for Halloween snuck up on Snooki and scared her.  She screamed and jumped.  Then she laid back and said "oh my god."  Ellen said "that was the best scream" and then replayed it.

New Season Of Jersey Shore

Snooki said "the new season of Jersey Shore is insane and we have a new roommate Deena, she brings the party to the house.  She's like me times ten. Yeah, so it's like, we'll fight one minute and the next minute we're like 'do you want a shot' and we're fine. It's so weird. I think that's like how brothers and sisters are, so that's how we are, minus the hookups."

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