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Lindsay Lohan's Dashed Dreams And Troubled Times

In the March 2006 issue of Allure Magazine Lindsay Lohan is quoted on the very first page.  The actress who is currently the center of a media firestorm related to an alleged assault in rehab said "I've grown up a lot.  I know better what to do and what not to do."

Allure featured Lindsay in a magazine feature titled "The Young & The Restless".  She told Allure "I hate it when people call me a teen queen."  She also told the famed fashion magazine she wanted to be a great actress and a rock star-without the tabloid headlines.

While being interviewed she showed off a couture Chanel dress,  mentioned her gigantic rhinestone sunglasses from the Dior boutique and worried that her Birkin bag might be getting "smushed" under the "Vegas show's worth of spangled cocktail dresses, fur coat and racks or clothes."

Iconic hairdresser Serge Normant coiffed her uber long dark tresses in soft billowing waves and she modeled a black silk dress by Chanel, a wool trench coat by Jean Paul Gaultier and an array of stunning accessories ranging from an eye popping Kara Ross ring to an array of ties and scarves.

Looking at Lindsay in her gorgeous fashions and stunning hairstyles you might never suspect that the promising star had a long and angst filled future ahead of her.

Allure referenced Lindsay's troubles with her ne'er-do-well father, Michael Lohan, Vanity Fair's accusations of bulimia and the fact she had been hospitalized three times in nine months for a kidney infection, feverish exhaustion and severe asthma.

Her alleged troubles with out of control drinking, drugs and the law were not mentioned.  Maybe because they were still under the radar or maybe because it just wasn't appropriate for the interview.

It's been almost five years since Lindsay's feature in Allure Magazine.   The big question now is whether or not the beautiful star who once had a life with such bright promise can pull out of her current death spiral.  Or will the next five years be a repeat of the past?

Anyone who understands addiction knows that only Lindsay can put the brakes on her meltdown and face her demons one day at a time.  Many powerful people have tried to save this troubled young woman and have failed.

Lindsay's future is completely in her hands.   Maybe 2011 will be her year.  I for one hope she pulls it together and would love to someday write about her triumphant recovery.

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