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Hairstylist John Masters Continues To Create Green Hairstyles And Products

Hairstylist John Masters Puts His Organic Lifestyle Into Daily Practice In The Hair World

Hairstylist John Masters is a veteran hairstylist who has been a pioneer in the field of organic hair care for over 20 years.  He is a master of the toxin-free hair world.

John Masters Organics grew out my desire to create a luxury beauty line that treats the earth with respect. The result is the culmination of hard work performed by people all over the world. Their dedication to growing and harvesting organic and wild-crafted ingredients is honored at John Masters Organics.

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Masters believes we only have one planet and each of us only have one body.  He personally didn't want to deal with toxic chemicals and he believed others would agree.  Which is why he substituted natural products for traditional synthetics.  He believes natural products work better and are much safer for the environment and the world.

Masters has created a product line with over 30 amazing products which has been his own personal labor of love.  He wants everyone to have the option to feel good about looking good.

An Amazing Journey For A Clean Air Salon

How did this amazing journey begin?  Masters began his organic career in the 1980s by inviting his hair clients into his home to experience chemical-free hair styling.  Since those early days of treating people in his home, Masters has translated his green hair care expertise into a highly successful “clean-air” salon in Manhattan.

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Masters often takes time to teach visiting hairstylists from around the world about the benefits of organic hair care.  He also is constantly updating and expanding his amazing product  line.

Of course being a hairstylist is not a profession you might think would be focused on green treatments and products.

Afterall, the hairstyling world is all about chemical treatments such as hair color, perms, straighteners and the highly controversial Keratin smoothing treatments.

Hair Salons Full Of Toxic Chemicals

When Masters was in cosmetology school back in the 70s hair salons were full of toxic chemicals but there were no other obvious options.

In his private life Master was living a healthy organic based life.  While working hard to be toxin free in his private life he decided it didn't make sense for him to undo all the good he did on his own by working in a salon overflowing with chemicals.

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He was also very aware of AIDS because he saw his friends dying of the dreaded disease.  He decided he didn't want to wait until he was sick before completely changing his life.  The brilliant hairstylist decided starting a healthy organic life while still young was the best plan.

He started doing freelancing in 1987 and switched from traditional to herbal-based organic colors.  Masters also stopped doing perms or other similar chemical treatments.   Yes, people thought Masters was weird because of his beliefs which were extremely rare back in the day.

Looking back twenty years later Masters has been quoted as saying if he had spent his hair career in the salon it couldn't have been good for his lungs.

I totally concur.  Just my time in cosmetology school and doing some limited chemical treatments caused my chronic bronchitis to flare up and cause lots of problems for my own lungs.  I can't imagine breathing in chemical fumes for years.

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Utilizing Ammonia-Free Hair Treatments

Masters focuses on providing a clean-air salon where only herbal-based ammonia-free hair treatments are utilized.  He does not allow any products which have toxic ingredients and fumes to be used.

He bans permanent waves, relaxers, chemical straighteners, Brazilian smoothing treatments and similar.  The hairstylist also doesn't allow allow nail polish which has toluene and formaldehyde.  Masters wisely points out that besides sitting on a client's scalp, they breathe in all the chemicals used on their hair.

Not only is his clean-air salon philosophy healthier for hair stylists and clients, it is healthier for the planet while still achieving amazing results.  This means you can't go platinum blonde at a John Masters salon but you also won't be breathing in bleach or putting your scalp or hair at risk for handling harsh chemicals.

Masters encourages hairstylists and hair clients to consider switching to ammonia-free or semi permanent hair color without ammonia.

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

He also suggests clients ask their hairstylists to use organic products, avoid washing their hair daily and concentrate the cleansing products only on the roots.   A big fan of the cold rinse, he also encourages regular use of apple cider vinegar as a natural softener and clarifier.  He believes it adds shine, naturally clarifies the tresses, prevent hair color from fading and helps being hair and scalp back to its proper pH levels.

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The pioneer of the clean-air salon believes American hair salons will follow his lead when clients start asking their hairstylists hard questions about toxic chemicals being used on their heads and requesting ammonia-free products.  Masters believes salon owners will respond to outspoken clients who want a healthier salon experience.

And to the salon professionals who say organic products don't work Masters wants people to know he's had many years of using products which provide gorgeous hair without the toxic overload.

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