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Sleeping On Natural Curls, Waves Or Textured Tresses

If you have naturally curly, wavy, kinky or textured hair you may wish extend that great first cleanse day into several days.

When you want your naturally textured hair to look great on follow-up days there are many tricks you can use to avoid frizz, fuzz or frumpy tresses.

One important key to extending your first day hairstyle is how you sleep on your hair.  Obviously if you're in bed for 6-8 hours your hair will take the brunt of your sleep cycle.

(Image courtesy of Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

This is especially true if you toss and turn in your sleep which can wreck havoc on some textured tresses.

How do you sleep on your hair? Although not all methods work for all types of natural curls, waves, kinks, coils or ringlets, they might work for you.  Be willing to experiment or modify the suggested tips to find what works best for you.

Listed below are some options known to help extend the life of natural textured hair after the first day:

1. Sleep on satin, silk or other hair friendly fabric.

Keep in mind that cotton or other scratchy pillowcases or bed clothes may agitate delicate curls, waves, kinks or other similar textures and actually dry out the hair causing frizz.

2. Pull hair into a high pony.

In the textured hair world there is also a hairstyle known as a pineapple which is a popular way to wrap tresses before sleeping.  To guarantee great second day curls, waves and texture you can also combine a high pony with a satin sleep cap or satin, silk or other friendly sheets and pillowcases.

3.  Wrap hair into a bun.

Experiment with a wide range of high, medium or low buns or twists to maintain the integrity of the natural texture.

(Image courtesy of Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

4.  Braid strands.

Pull hair, especially wavy tresses, into a low loose braid to prevent tangles in the morning.

5.  Do a finger twist

Experiment with twisting your curls or waves into coils and then bobby pin in place before bed.  This can help to set natural texture in the morning.

You can try spritzing your dry hair with water or water mixed with a little leave-in conditioner or styling cream of your choice before twisting.  Sleep on your misted twists until morning.  You can undo the twists and mist again lightly in the morning or scrunch for a beautiful next day look.

6.  Amp up rinse-out and leave-in conditioner while cleansing.

Although too much rinse-out or leave-in conditioning might make some types of textures too soft and limp, for others it might actually help extend the original cleanse cycle by keeping hair softer at night and less prone to frizzing or fuzz.

7.  Experiment with range of pillows and bed positions.

Try different sizes and shapes of pillows which allow your natural textured hair to billow out over the pillow or the bed at one end.  This prevents hair from getting squashed or mashed while you're sleeping.  A small round or square pillow can work.

8.  Pull hair into a soft scrunchie.

Some textured hair people have experienced good results by simply pulling hair back into a soft low ponytail help softly in place with a satin, silk or similar type of traditional pony scrunchie.

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