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Whoopi And Oprah Kiss And Makeup After Years Of Crazy Miscommunication

Whoopi Goldberg wearing her trademark locked hairstyle and black jacket appeared on Oprah's 25th anniversary of The Color Purple show wearing spectacular burgandy purple high heeled boots with big burgandy ribbons. It was unusual to see The View co-hostess wearing heels since she is famous for her sneakers and flats. Whoopie is outspoken about being comfortable and her shoes are always part of that equation.

When quizzed by Oprah about where she got the shoes Whoopie said "a company called Irregular Choice" and "you would love their shoes because they're just fun." Oprah said "well you in a high heel shoe? Helur." Whoopie laughed and told Oprah "well I wanted to clean up for you."

Although Oprah and Whoopi seemed like old friends, Oprah explained that she and The View hostess had actually not seen each other "in years" but last Summer ran into each other at Tyler Perry's house when she was done there filming the movie "For Colored Girls."

Oprah continued "it was really a divine moment I thought." Oprah said she was going to try not to cry. She said Whoopi and I "met in the kitchen over some collard greens and Whoopi came up to me and she said 'can I just ask you something. Did I do something to you?"

Ultimately Oprah explained that all the years she and Whoopi were apart Oprah thought Whoopi was mad at her while Whoopi claimed she thought Oprah was mad at her. Ultimately the lack of communication resulted in a years long estrangement with neither woman admitting to the reasons except that they just lost touch. They both agree it was "crazy"

"What was that?" Winfrey said, to which Goldberg replied, "Who knows?"

After getting all that craziness out of the way, Oprah and Whoopi spent the rest of the show's time together along with the entire Color Purple cast to share stories going back 25 years to when the film was made.

One interesting bit of trivia from the film included the fact that Oprah's best friend Gayle, was an extra in one scene. Oprah showed a clip of the scene and pointed out Gayle, who was all but hidden.

Other highlights included a special message from Steven Spielberg who showed the actual couch where he broke the news to Oprah that she had the part in the movie. Yep, he still has the couch more than 25 years later.

To catch all the memories check out the Oprah show for Monday, November 15th.

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