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Oprah Gave Hair & Makeup Team A Smackdown For Elizabeth Edwards Interview

I was watching Oprah on her Friday Live show where she hangs with Gayle King, Mark Consuelos and Ali Wentworth discussing the news events of the past week.   Oprah was having a special BBQ celebration because it was the last Friday Live show of the season.

(Image of Oprah Winfrey on People's Choice Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

At one point she showed the interview Diane Sawyer had on ABC's Good Morning America with Connie Culp, the first face transplant patient in the United States approximately five months ago.

Connie, who is 46 years old, was shot in the face with a shotgun by her husband in an attempted murder/suicide plan.

Connie Culp talked with Diane about how she looked before the shooting. She said she still thinks about that.  She told Diane "I was worried about my weight and everything," she said, lamenting how foolish that seems now. "You're always going to worry about something, you know, your waist, your weight... your hair. It's so funny."

Oprah said, "didn't she (Connie Culp) have a wonderful spirit?"

Oprah then told Gayle, Mark and Ali "you know this morning, I came in and I was giving my makeup team a smack down cause in that Elizabeth Edwards interview (Oprah aired the day before) I don't look like I have a piece of makeup on.   My hair is as flat as it can go.  It was raining so the humidity.  So I looked like.....Did I have a makeup artist?  And then, I was giving them a smackdown, and then that interview came on and I thought well... and that changes my perspective a little bit."

Oprah decided maybe having flat hair and not enough makeup was not all that important in the grand scheme of things and considering what Connie Culp is going through without a nose and a crushed jaw.

I agree with Oprah.  After you watch Connie Culp and hear about all the surgeries she's had to try and live a relatively normal life, having a bad hair day seems totally unimportant.

Good for Oprah for her words of enlightenment.

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