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Scarlett Johansson's SHOB - Shaggy Bob Hairstyle

Actress Scarlett Johansson shows no fear when it comes to changing up her hair color, length, texture and style.  She recently showcased a much shorter choppier hairstyle from her most recent tousled shoulder length do.  Her new choppier haircut falls somewhere between a Pixie Bob (POB) and a shaggy bob.

Actually, Scarlett's hairstyles falls into a category all of her own which might be named a SHOB for a shaggy bob.  Scarlett revealed her new hairstyle on stage at the Mango Fashion Awards in Barcelona Spain.

The 25-year-old Iron Man 2 star wore her new SHOB which is similar to the POB (Pixie Bob) cascading from a center part with loose tousled strands framing her face and ending in a ragged edge slightly below her chin.   Scarlett present Jean Paul Gaultier with a special award at the show.

Scarlett's signature blonde is much darker than some of her previous platinum hues.  I personally loved her white blonde tresses in the film He's Not That Into You (HNTIY).  Her new hairstyle is built upon a dark golden blonde base color with dashes of lighter gold sprinkled throughout the edges with hints of cafe au lait lowlights intertwined throughout the mid section of her hair.

Scarlett's hair was loose, sassy and with a sexy edge.  It was a reboot from her most recent hairstyle which was more finished and polished.

The great thing about ScarJo's latest shagged up hairdo is that it's a given that it will change soon.  At any point Scarlett could show up with deep Merlot tresses or even a rich warm chocolate.  She might even extend her hair with tresses falling to her waist.  Like Madonna, Scarlett is not afraid to rock the hair boat and try out new hairdos to frame her stunning face.

Regardless of the color, cut, length or texture of her hair, Scarlett will look amazing and trigger a new waves of women rushing off to adopt her sizzling new style.

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