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When A Bob Haircut Meets A Shag Hairstyle

Introduction - When A Bob Haircut Meets A Shag Hairstyle

Cornsilk Blonde Bob + Shag Hairstyle Cornsilk Blonde Bob + Shag Hairstyle

What happens when a classic bob haircut meets a shag hairstyle?

You get the best of both hairstyles which is equivalent to an edgy hair look which can be worn by any age, sex or race which is made in hair heaven.

If you want to experiment with the Bob + Shag or the SHOB, ask your hairstylist for the following:

1. Start with a perfectly-cut classic bob haircut of any length.

A classic blunt bob is perfect for all types and textures of hair.  A blunt bob gives fine hair beautiful shape and makes hair appear thicker.

Remember, the thinner your hair, the shorter the bob should be.   With fine hair it's important not to overlayer or hair could look even thinner and flatter than it is.

2. Layer the interior and the perimeter.

A classic bob shape can instantly have body when short, square layers  are added. It's great for women who want hair shorter than their shoulders without sacrificing softness or femininity.

Textured Edgy Bob + Shag Textured Edgy Bob + Shag

For thick, wavy, or curly hair, add lots of choppy layers and cut hair when it's bone dry to keep it from forming a puffed up hair triangle.

Use a long finger diffuser when drying strands to help elongate natural textures.

3. Break up the edges for a rougher look.

With heavy bangs, razored ends and one or more long accent pieces, a rock and roll version of the iconic bob/shag hairstyle is born.  The edges can be broken up with a blow-dryer and a flatiron.

When you have a big forehead or a pronounced square jaw or pointy chin, try adding a variety of different fringes to de-emphasize it.

4. Slice through the interior for more texture.

If you have natural texture such as waves or slight curls, ask your stylist to create a choppy bob which has very short layers in the back but get longer towards the face.

The shorter, heavier pieces will help push the hair forward so you get a beautiful curved shape in the front.

The Bob Haircut Meets A Shag Hairstyle The Bob Haircut Meets A Shag Hairstyle

Remember, if your face is round, your jaw is prominent or you have a pointy chin, the ideal hair cut should end slightly below your chin. Otherwise you'll highlight those features you probably want to minimize.

One option is to have long graduated layers scissored or razored into the ends. When cut to frame the face they will curve in under the chin at the nape of the neck creating a more slimming effect.

5. Finish with innovate styling products.

This equal-opportunity hair style can be taken to the edgiest of heights with an array of creating styling products.

Use a smoothing serum for blinding shimmer.  Or reach for a paste or wax to add separation and definition throughout the edges.

If you dare, use some clip-in or spot fusion hair extensions in the new pastel hues or an array of contrasting shocking colors.  The only thing holding you back from creating a magical look is your imagination.

Summary - When A Bob Haircut Meets A Shag Hairstyle

This combination of a classic bob and layered shag is not really a new hairstyle creation.

It has cycled through in popularity for many years as hair stylists, fashionistas and short hair fans searched for new ways to push the envelop on the classic bob and shags.

The beauty of a SHOB is that there are no right or wrong lengths, textures or precise styles.  A SHOB can be short, medium or even shoulderlenght.  A great SHOB can be instantly amped up with highlights, lowlights or an array of innovative color options such as Ombre or fades.

The key to achieving the SHOB of your dreams is to find a stylist who understand how to work with your hair type, texture and face shape and create a one-of-a-kind innovate hairstyle just for you.

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