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Melina Kanakaredes Takes Her Natural Curls And Leaves CSI: NY

Melina Kanakaredees as Stella Bonasera on CSI: NY

I'm a long-time fan of Sela Ward since her days on TV's Sisters.  I also loved her as the romantic interest of Dr. Gregory House on House a few seasons back.  I think she's a great actress and beautiful.

I only wish she had Melina Kanakaredes' explosion of natural curls and ringlets, which she primarily wears in her naturally curly texture.

It's not news that Melina and CBS had a parting of ways over her contract.  The word is that she was asked to take a pay cut, she refused, and now she's off the series.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and we may never know what really transpired between the popular actress and the eye network.

But CBS has been busy cleaning house across the board.

Melina Kanakaredes Played The Role Of Stella Bonasera With A Great Edge

I love the writing and acting on CSI: NY and have been watching it since episode one over six years ago.  It's sad Melina is leaving after six years.  She always brought an edge to her role as Detective Stella Bonasera.

Mélina Kanakaredes - CSI - New York - Wikipedia

She was fierce and tough and played well against the rest of the cast.  I won't just miss her natural ringlets, I'll miss her intensity and sass in the role she created for CSI: NY.

Meanwhile, although Melina and CBS both made nice with formal statements, it appears that the actress won't be appearing to wrap up her six seasons on the show.

In fact, her exit was explained briefly in the first episode of the new season tonight with a short letter regarding her "new position" down South.

Will Melina surface again? Count on it.  The Botticelli-tressed actress starred for five seasons on NBC's Providence and was fabulous on NYPD Blue and The Practice.

I'm sure we'll see her talented performances again soon.

Melina Kanakaredes On Fox/TV's The Resident

As predicted, Melina appeared again as the delightful Dr. Lane Hunter on Fox/TV's series, The Resident.

She played a very important role as one of the main characters in Season 1 of the show.  She came back to wrap up her storyline in Season 2 as a Guest Star.

As Dr. Hunter, she played a former oncologist at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. She also owned her own medical clinics.

She was arrested at the end of season 1 after it was revealed that she was giving her patients unnecessary chemotherapy in order to get paid higher premiums.

Melina Kanakaredes - CSI: NY

Dr. Hunter deliberately killed a patient and framed Nic for it to cover up her crimes, and was later killed during season 2 by a vengeful family member of one of her over-treated patients after being let out on bail.

Altogether Melina was on 15 episodes.  It was way too short of a stay, but the entire time Dr. Lane Hunter was on the show, her beautiful hair was in full view.

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