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Natural Curls: The Sisters Behind Miss Jessie's

In case you're wondering what all the buzz is about when it comes to Miss Jessie's, it directly relates to sisters Miko and Titi Branch who are the grandaughters of the original Miss Jessie.

Their grandma Jessie developed hair care products for the unique hair requirement of Miko and Titi who are a mix of African American (father) and Japanese (mother) heritage.

The sisters who are behind Miss Jessie's are big news in the natural care movement which is behind wearing naturally kinky, curly or similar hair in a "natural" manner without chemicals or harsh hair care products.

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Running a family business can be a challenging experience and as the world of Miss Jessie's devotees know, Miko and Titi went through a period where they had a split.  The sisterly rift has now been healed and the two siblings are back together and working hand in hand to help people with naturally curly hair transform it into gorgeous "natural" curls.

The naturally curly world has also been buzzing about Miko's Silkener chemical service which for all intents and purposess stretches and smooths coiled textures such as curls, kinks or waves.

Does The Silkener service follow a pure  "natural"  philosophy.  It depends on whom you talk to but the natural hair movement is divided  on whether you can have a "natural" hairstyle if chemicals are deployed.The theory behind the Silkener service is that it's different than a traditional texturizer.  The Silkener has as a major ingredient Sodium Hydroxide.

The difference between a traditional chemical straightener which leaves the hair stick straight and a relaxer which softens tight texture but leaves some soft waves behind, the Silkener is designed to soften the natural curl structure so that it no longer has frizz but will form a better curl pattern.

(Image of Tanika Ray - - All Rights Reserved)

Although no naturally curly hair products work for all curly folks, the word on the street is that Miss Jessie's is especially good for the 3c/4a curly type of hair.

Like everything in the natural curl world, some of Miss Jessie's products are considered "controversial because they include lye and mineral oil ingredients which the "natural" hair world has deemed unhealthy and unnatural for kinky or curly hair.

From that viewpoint it's true that Miss Jessie's has "unnatural" ingredients.  But again, they also offer their Silkening process which is a chemical treatment and definitely goes against the belief in chemical free curls.

Rapid fans of Miss Jessie's ignore the controversy of the lye and mineral oil and instead focus on the rich list of natural oils such as sweet almond, avocado, macadamia seed oil and shea butter which are all extremely moisturizing.

For more information about buying Miss Jessie's products, the salon or the Silkener treatment visit Miss Jessie's Salon on the Web.

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