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New York City Ballet Star Jenifer Ringer Transforms Her Natural Curls Into Perfect Buns

New York City Ballet principle ballerina was a guest on Oprah's show on February 17th.  She shared many secrets about her life as a longtime dancer and addressed recent criticism about her weight.

Both Jenifer, who is 37, and the New York City Ballet gave Oprah and her camera access behind the scenes to learn about the real world of ballet.  Oprah wanted to know if the life which was depicted by Natalie Portman in the film Black Swan was reality or not.

Jenifer, who appeared on Oprah with her natural curls softly cascading down just past her chin, allowed the cameras to watch her do her hair and make-up for a performance.  Jenifer said it takes "100% to be a ballerina" while it also takes "100% to be a wife and 100% to be a mother."   Jenifer said that the desire to be "perfect sometimes can feel overwhelming."

Jenifer has been devoted to ballet since the age of 10.  At 37 her body is feeling the wear and tear of all the dancing.

The star dancer explained that she starts doing her hair and make-up about two hours before she goes onstage.  She said what "what most people don't realize is that when we dance a lot of times we get very red in the face, we get very sweaty, so we have to put on this really thick make-up so that we still look calm and cool.  We just try to look like the best versions of ourselves."

When it comes to her hair Jenifer explained "just like everything else in ballet, my hair has to perfect, my make-up has to be perfect.  It's part of the whole perfectionism thing.  Everything has to be in its place."  She demonstrated wrapping her natural dark curls into a sleek bun which rested just a few inches above the nape of her neck.

She pointed to a little piece of hair sticking out from one side and said "see this little fuzzy, it has to go.  It's considered very unprofessional to have anything sticking out."  She applied a hair gel and smoothed it against the random curl until it was completely flat against her head.

Referring to her hair and make-up she said "it can get a little compulsive finding all the little things that are wrong, actually.  And there it is."  Jenifer adorned her newly created ballerina style bun with a pearl and jewel encrusted comb which probably served to keep all of those random curls and fuzzy hair tightly nailed down.

The on-camera transformation was amazing.  Jenifer went from looking like a mom of a young daughter to a professional ballerina.

Is the world of ballerinas as cut-throat as it seems in Black Swan?  She said "it is competitive, but it doesn't feel like Black Swan."

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