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Miley Cyrus Shocking Hair Extensions

Miley Cyrus With Super Long Hair Extensions

Miley Cyrus Shocking Hair Extensions

Miley Cyrus has recently been on a controversial hair extension journey.   After shedding her trademark super long hair extensions last week, Miley then turned around and showcased  a brand new set of hair extensions, which reportedly were installed by Kristina Barricelli of Gemini 14 Salon.

The latest hair was apparently imported to Los Angeles from Italy via New York.

While the extensions, which brushed Miley's waist, were color matched to Miley's base hair color, the media was shocked to discover that the super long add-on strands cost $24,000.

Could hair extensions really cost that much?  And why would the total price tag be so outrageous?

Since Miley requested extremely long extensions she most likely received very pricey 100% human hair.  The very highest quality of European hair can be some of the highest priced hair in the world.

Who knows if the total price tag included special flights for the hair and Miley's extensionist from Italy to New York or from New York to LA?  Maybe the hair or her hair expansionist flew first class which can add to the bottom line.

Of course there is also the cost of having the extensions hand applied. Even still, the price tag still seems a little crazy.

Such is the life of a celebrity. The good news?  Miley can certainly afford it her most recent hair extensions.

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