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Elizabeth Mitchell's Buttery Blonde Tresses Shine On Lost And V.

The lovely Elizabeth Mitchell was recently featured on a re-broadcast of the Bonnie Hunt show which was sadly canceled in May.

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Elizabeth appeared on Bonnie's show right before the end of "Lost" which she appeared on from Season Three (thanks to your comments to set me straight) until the very (and recent) end.  Granted she faded from view after the first few years but she remained connected to the show up until the planned finale.

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She also joined the cast of sci-fi thriller "V for the  2009/2010 season.  The show has been renewed for the Fall 2010 season but there are some who wonder if it hasn't already jumped the shark.

I've always liked Elizabeth since she first caught my attention on ER back in 2000 as the controversial lover of Dr. Kerry Weaver.  Do you remember her from back then?  Even during that gig Elizabeth had gorgeous long buttery blonde hair with lots of volume, body and texture.  No wonder Dr. Weaver couldn't resist.

Butter Blonde Tresses Swept Up Into A Curly Chignon

When she recently appeared on Bonnie she wore her butter blonde tresses swept up and off her beautiful face and into a half up/half down messy loose curled chignon.

Bonnie mentioned that Elizabeth and her husband had been married for six years, has a four year old boy (CJ) and Elizabeth is working all the time.

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

When asked how Elizabeth keeps her marriage happy she said "he makes me laugh.  All the time."

Elizabeth's Secret For A Happy Marriage

Bonnie told Elizabeth her husband is "darn cute" and is actually "gets better" the longer you know him.  Elizabeth agreed and said "it's because his eyes are so nice.  And he laughs."

How Her Son Flirts With Cute Girls

When asked about her four year old son Elizabeth told Bonnie "he's flirting.  I swear he's flirting and he the most fascinating tactics."

She said he's "a cute blonde kid" and they went into the Aquarium and he "lays down in the middle of the floor, in the middle of the room, wherever we are.  If he sees a cute girl.  He doesn't look at her.  And they (the cute girls) come.  They come out of concern" (because he's laying on the floor).

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Her son's ability to flirt mystifies Elizabeth and her husband because they were "both dorks when it comes to flirting.  They never flirted."

Creating Steamy Chemistry With Sawyer On Lost

Elizabeth shared that she had just been in Hawaii filming the last episodes for "Lost" and she was so glad to see all her old buddies from the show and"it was really fun" they "the whole crew" actually "sang to her".

Bonnie asked about Josh Holloway who played James "Sawyer" Ford on Lost and was the love interest for Elizabeth.  After showing a hot photo of Josh sans his shirt Bonnie mentioned that Elizabeth and Josh had some "hot and heavy" scenes and that when it was first mentioned that Josh and Elizabeth would be together on Lost as a couple, Elizabeth was worried about "the chemistry" between them.

Elizabeth said she didn't think of Josh in a way that might generate chemistry.  In fact, she said "they were friends" and would "sing together and play the guitar and have a great time" but he was "like my brother."

But of course "it (there connection) changed" and she had to find a way to amp up the chemistry with Josh for the hot and heavy scenes.

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

How did she manufacture that sizzling chemistry?  Besides both being great actors Elizabeth said she "got him" and that Josh "knows what love is" and he "loves his wife" and so when he "turns that on" he's "good at it and that's really what it is."

Living On Her Own Island

Although Elizabeth spent a lot of time in the Hawaiian Islands filming "Lost" she actually picked her own island to live on.  She and her husband were flying over the San Juan Islands in Washington, State, and both looked down at the same time and went "ahhhh" at how beautiful they were.  As a result the couple picked up and moved there to live.

Elizabeth said her husband is a "good one" and it was nice that he was "on board for her journey" to live where she wanted to live.

Elizabeth explained her family is in Texas, her husband is from Boston, but they have to be near California for their jobs.  The San Juan Islands were a great compromise for them and they love it there.

Doing Her Own Stunts On V

Elizabeth confirmed she does a lot of her own stunts for all her action shots on "V".  She said "it's so much fun but you get massively bruised" and wherever there's not a pad "you can tell where she's been by her body" the "next day" based on the bruises she sustains.

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Going To ComicCon

Elizabeth said the fans that go to ComicCon or she meets on the street are "so sweet".  She said "Lost fans are so smart.  So if you're geeky like me it's really great."

In fact, she told Bonnie, the fans at ComicCon are all these "brilliant people who say 'hey Juliet' and you want to say I'm not as smart as you.  Or as her (Juliet) but hi.'"  She said she wants to tell the Lost fans "and we're probably not going to be able to discuss quantum physics right now.  If you give me a few seconds, I'll be good.'"

Elizabeth said the Lost fans were great for the Lost writers and "it's so nice" because "they get it" and the Lost writers were able to "write at the top of their game" and "they don't have to write explanations" and the cast just "gets to do it."

Keeping Lost Secrets

Elizabeth said it was impossible to leak any Lost secrets because they "printed everything on red paper" and "you can't photocopy red paper" and you "just get your scenes"  you don't get to see anything else that's going on.  "So you come to work and you see someone you don't normally see and you're like 'so uhhhh, what are you doing?'"

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

V Secrets

Elizabeth said she can reveal a bit of secrets about V and that the biggest news is learning who appears to be human but really isn't.  She laughed "that's neat right?"

She also said "my favorite thing (about V) is that at the end of every episode there's always something shocking crazy."  As a result she said when she's working on V her husband "only reads the last three pages" of her script to find out the shocking crazy endings.

Elizabeth said "that's actually really fun" and there's a new guy coming on the scene" and "just as cute" as all the others."

The bubbly blonde star confessed to Bonnie that both on Lost and V she has worked with a lot of great looking guys and her husband teases her about her "crush of the day" but he understands it's just part of the business.

(Image of Elizabeth Mitchell - Courtesy of ABC - All Rights Reserved)

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